23 September 2009

UPDATE: Mavericks Live Tour 2009

The stage has been set . . . Mavericks has released the tour dates for the 2009 Mavericks Live Tour! Above is the poster I did for them and below you can see if the tour will be coming to a city near you.

If you're in San Francisco, I hope to see your there!

October 17 - Calgary @ Flames Central
October 18 - Vancouver @ Commodore Ballroom
October 19 - Eugene @ McDonald Theater
October 21 - Anaheim @ House of Blues
October 22 - San Francisco @ The Fillmore
October 27 - Denver @ The Fillmore
November 2 - St. Louis @ Pageant
November 3 - Chicago @ House of Blues
November 8 - New Orleans @ House of Blues
November 10 - Raleigh @ Lincoln Theater
November 11 - Charlotte @ The Fillmore
November 19 - Myrtle Beach @ House of Blues
November 21 - Baltimore @ Sonar
November 25 - Washington D.C. @ Sixth & I Historic Synagogue
December 2 - Cleveland @ House of Blues
December 3 - Cincinnati @ Bogart's
December 7 - Detroit @ St. Andrew's Hal

21 September 2009

Stan Richards you are my inspiration.

Ever since I met Stan Richards at his agency (thank you Dr. Burns) and then heard him tell his first advertising story, he has become my inspiration.

There is one part of the speech that is also written on the AIGA website. This paragraph has been permanently burned onto my brain:

"Stan started his Dallas career by taking a job with the Bloom Agency. "I hated it," he says. "I hated the politics and the bureaucracy, but I figured you owed an employer at least a year." In 1953 he and his wife, Betty, began selling freelance design services to agencies that were looking for outstanding creative. And soon there was a milestone month when they billed $135. They spent their times looking for the best clients, putting together the best-run shop in town, finding the best people and getting them to do their best work. Looking back on those years, Stan says, "I made a point of seeing every kid who wanted to see me. I hired the most immensely talented people. I taught them how to run a highly disciplined organization, and how to run it profitably. I taught them how to fight very hard for doing things right. It took a while, but soon we dominated the local awards shows. And then my competitive instincts ran nationally."
He makes you believe that no matter what you want to do, if you put enough sweat and persistence into it, you can achieve anything. I thank you Stan Richards for your dedication to your craft and your determination to do great work.

18 September 2009

Mavericks Live Tour 2009

So this past week I've been working on the logo, some posters, ads and clothing for the 2009 Mavericks Live Tour featuring Matisyahu. It's been really fun and there is some great work that came from all of it. Once everything is finalized I will post some images of the work but for now enjoy the logo. The tour kicks off in October and hits some gnarly cities along all three of the coasts.

You can read the press release on the tour at Maverickssurf.com

14 September 2009

Jr. Creative Advice: Go To Class!

So some pretty cool news on the forefront. KB and I will be speaking at the Academy of Art on October 28th! So get your butt to class and come see us.

09 September 2009

Jr. Creative Advice: Give Thanks

photo by
loupiote (Old Skool)

So a lot of you already know that I just recently had a family emergency and had to get home fast. What you may not know is that there are seven people that went out of their ways and helped me get there so much faster than I probably ever would have.

It was really nice to know that in a time of crisis there are people in my office that will not only understand, but assist me in anyway they can.

Thank you guys.