22 August 2010


I played rugby in college and even though that was a while ago, I still talk to my coach and go watch the games when I can. This year I played in the Alumni game and really wanted to give back to my team. So I started working with one of the copywriters at work and started to develop recruiting posters for the girls.

We really wanted these posters to grab the attention of everyone on campus not just possible players. After completion we learned that bars are now paying the team to have a set of these posters and reprints are in the near future. This project is leading to other great things including a complete web redesign and possibly other media executions.

Blair Bunting, a dear friend of mine did the photography for us on a 115 degree day in Papago Park in Phoenix, Arizona. David Wilson was the writer on the project and I couldn't have asked for a better writer on the project. Plotter Doctors and Competition Printing helped us with the printing making it affordable to print enough copies to make a statement on and around campus. To all of you, thank you.

Below are the posters.



- Turning women into men since 1994.
- Be part of a family that likes to hit each other.
- See new places. Meet new people. Kick their asses.
- It takes balls to play. Technically, only one.
- PMS isn't a curse. It's an advantage.

Subhead on all posters: 

- Join the ASU Women's Rugby Team. Visit asuwrfc.com for team info.

17 August 2010

Best image of the day . . .

So there is a gay man that sits diagonal from me at work, and he is awesome. He is one of the reasons I get up and go to work everyday. He is vulgar and inappropriate and incredibly funny. I am going to miss him when I move down to Venice, but there is always IM right?

So anyway, staying on track. We spend most of the day laughing . . . and today this image provided about 20 minutes of comments and pure immobile laughter. Enjoy.

16 August 2010

Means I'm Dropping You From My Fantasy League . . .

Juuust saw this commercial during The Closer. It made me laugh, the restaurant version is a lot weaker than this one.

New Adventures

I am starting my last week with Young & Rubicam San Francisco and then moving back down to Los Angeles to start my new adventure at High Wide & Handsome.

I've decided to continue what my original copywriter and I started, so anything before this post is a brain child of us and anything after is my attempt to soldier it on my own. I really want to stay playful in an industry that can swallow you whole. I want to be as excited about advertising when I am 65 as I was when I was 25. I want to document the crazy times, the late nights and the stuff that was left on the cutting room floor but I felt it should at least see some kind of sunlight.

So here it is, my adventures as a creative.