06 April 2012

Long Live Snail Mail

Photo from William Arthur Fine Stationary

I am starting to dislike email blasts. Not because they are ineffective, in many cases they are, but because there are way too many in my inbox every morning. I delete around 120 email blasts every morning and of those 120, I probably open one or two.

I used to open a certain clothing retailers emails all the time, though the template has remained the same for a couple years and the sales aren't that good to drive me to go to their website. Eventually the email content wasn't even good enough to get me to open the email. I haven't unsubscribed yet, though their emails go directly to my trash.

At the risk of sounding like a dinosaur when I say this -- I miss getting direct mail. I am not talking about the over sized postcards, I am talking about the really cool open and do something with me direct mail pieces. Things that you would love to put on your desk and leave there for months.

The other thing I love is getting 13x19-ish sized autographed and numbered prints from photographers. I have every one that I have ever gotten from every photographer. There are a couple I have framed and hang in my house. Those photographers are top of mind every time I am starting a new campaign.

There is something about knowing the direct mail piece is just for you and no one else. You know email blasts are going to hundreds sometimes even thousands of people. It's just cold and impersonal.

Here's to hand written letters and the pony express.

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