28 August 2011

Jr. Creative Advice: Don't Leave

As a junior you should be one if not THE last one to leave. This is the time to prove yourself to your colleagues and your boss. If your hours are supposed to end at 5:30pm stay at least until 6:15pm. Spend the extra 45 minutes looking up cool new trends or learning some new way to utilize social media.

If you leave on time and the rest of the creative department is working on a presentation ASK if there is anything you can help with. You leaving before everyone looks poorly on you.

You are a junior, we know you will be slower and need help. That's why you are a junior. What we are looking for is that fire. That desire to be there and change society with a great idea. If you don't have that . . . you need to find a different job.

09 August 2011

Work: Local Motors Website

I know that I haven't written in a while though I am trying to get on a regular writing schedule. Once a week seems to be good, though I'm not sure what day it is. Thursday is the day I am thinking most about.

Ok anyway back on track. As you know from some of my previous posts, I've been really excited about Local Motors Rally Fighter. Well we have finally gotten all of the contracts signed and the first phase of the website finished. We did the entire site in 2.5 weeks. That includes design and coding. The reason for the ridiculous turn around time was because the Rally Fighter was premiered on Top Gear August 7th on the History Channel. (Watch the episode here.)

There will be a second phase adding some fun things and also fixing some things. Though I am so proud of my team to keep up and stay positive through a fun though sometimes hectic process.

(Visit Rally Fighter Site)