30 November 2009

UPDATE: DEWmocracy

UPDATE: Voting started about an hour ago and continues until midnight 13.December.09.

To vote, you simply log on using "connect with facebook" or create a profile and click the vote button next to our video, each person can vote three times a day for each of the 13 days. The link to the competition is http://www.12seconds.tv/campaign/dewmocracy, our video is under the user name bruonis and titled "DUDE! No, DEW." You have to click "show more" at the bottom of the page because the site doesn't display all of the videos at once. I understand this makes the voting process more complicated, though we would appreciate if you would take a few minutes each day for the next two weeks and help two ad creatives (myself and Krystha) win this competition and make the spring 2010 Mountain Dew commercial.

We have had a few people ask us to send them reminders, so if you would like to receive a daily email to remind you to vote, reply to me only with your email address. We aren't going to sell them or spam anyone, you would just receive ONE email around 9am California time reminding you to vote and 13 days later . . . no more emails. On the 14th day you will probably be sad that a reminder email isn't in your inbox.

Thank you to those who have already spread our video around facebook and twitter helping us get over 6600 views thus far and be the only one of the videos tweeted by Mountain Dew's official twitter feed.

Mtn Dew Voting Begins Tomorrow!

Ok so it's here! The voting period for the Mountain Dew DEWmocracy Competition. The voting period lasts from 01.December until 13.December, each person is allowed to vote 3x times a day for the 13 day voting period. So, that means each person can contribute 39 votes during the voting period.

We need all the help we can get. If you just want to vote that's fine, though if you could pass the word along to your friends we would appreciate that as well. We are putting together an email list to send ONE reminder each day for you to go and vote. If you are interested in being on this list please email me George at Bruonis dot Com.

We are really excited about the opportunity to work with Mountain Dew and hope to be one of the top 6 to compete for the national commercial.

16 November 2009

Go See Art & Copy

Alright so I was a little nervous to go see this, because I don't do too well with documentaries. Though if you are a creative you really need to see this movie. It really makes you have pride in this industry and for me it made me re-understand why I do what I do.

In our 2009 Young Guns submission we poke fun at the elders in our industry but I have soo much respect for what they have done and in most cases continue to do. It's really nice to listen to them talk about risk taking and doing things that cause a little havok. Lee Clow is probably my favorite, he is just one of those old men that you want to learn everything from and be best friends with. It's weird to think I lived a block from him and all he does for nine months in L.A.

So that's it. Short and sweet just like the movie. It's only at the Roxie for this week. Go see it, take it all in and be inspired.

07 November 2009

King Tut Exhibit

A couple of the Texas Ad Grad ladies were in town this weekend and we watched Texas kill UCF, always a good time, then we went to the de Young museum to see the king tut exhibit. I have heard mixed reviews but I really enjoyed it, there were a few too many people there for me . . . but not a big deal.

A few things I found interesting were:
It is now believed that KT died of an infection from a broken leg instead of a blow to the back of the head.

They don't know who his parents are, and the ones that they assume are his parents also birthed his future wife (duurty).

The pyramids had been built for around 1,000 years by the time that Tut was born.
 One thing we talked about is how beautiful the jewelry and artifacts look in photographs but when you see them in person, they look so cheap. Granted they were made in 1332 BCE and earlier . . . they didn't really have all the tools we do now to make jewlery. Though the intricate details in the death masks and heiroglyphics on the coffins and other artifacts are incredibly beautiful.

Apparently Egypt won't let the mummy of tut or his death mask travel because they are too precious/fragile, so as great as all the artifacts are, if you actually wanna see this young king, you are going to have to go to Egypt.

Oh and doesn't King Tut kind of look like Michael Jackson? Weeeiiirrrdddd. 

06 November 2009

Advertising Contest Maniacs.

So what have we been working on lately? Since Mavericks Surf window is now open, & we are waiting on Mother Nature to unleash her fury and send us some gnarly waves. What the hell have we been doing? Well K-Dub (my copywriter) and I have been working on trying to win some hardware. Currently we are working on entering Young Guns which is a competition for advertising creatives under 30 and also are trying to win the chance to make a TV spot for Mountain Dew (view our pitch video).

We've had a lot of fun getting all of the deliverables ready to go, and doing contests have really allowed us to flex some more risky creative muscles. So keep your fingers crossed for us! We will keep you updated on when the voting window opens for the Mountain Dew Competition.

Just For Fun: MSNBC Twitter gets hacked.

Some days there are things that happen that provide just enough entertainment to make your day. Well today, someone or multiple someones hacked the twitter feed on MSNBC. If you missed it I was entertained enough to take a screen shot. I love that you can obviously see they had free reign for half an hour before the feed got suspended. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Sadly this was a hoax. . .but regardless . . . it is still entertaining.