29 April 2014

Agency Easter

I had this master plan of hiding eggs around the office with goodies inside for people to come find the morning after Easter. Apparently I need to check the calendar before I hatch plans like that. I was on the tomboy road trip over Easter. Womp. Womp. 

Well this morning I decided that it doesn't matter. I'm going to hide them any way. I thought I might get in trouble but then decided I was going to do it anyway. I'm really happy I did. To see grown adults find eggs around the office, the same eggs they had walked past for hours it's about the same joy as watching a child do it. 

Even though I was a bit belated, I'm happy that on this beautiful Arizona Tuesday, my coworkers got to have their own egg hunt and enjoy delicious candy. 

25 April 2014

The Tomboy Project Update

Last week I engaged in a 10-day 10-state road trip. It was ridiculously ambitious but it was also ridiculously successful. I have completed the 48 continental United States. Alaska and Hawaii here I come . . . sometime.

Check out the infographic of my last trip!

Amazing view in the White Mtn National Park. 

Boston Marathon was coming up!! 

Little chalk drawing I did for friends that are now ENGAGED! 

I'm a bit obsessed with Anchors. 

Duke Farms is another gorgeous place I got to visit. 

One of my dearest friends parents hid Easter eggs for me. 

20 April 2014

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone is sitting around the house enjoying their families this holiday.

Here are some of the shots from my lovely weekend of coloring eggs!

08 April 2014

Making Time

There are never enough hours in the day, and sometimes I wish our bodies didn't need eight hours of sleep a night. There are so many things I want to do. Do you ever run into this?

I find myself making lists upon lists of new ideas and things I want to try, learn or complete. Though life sometimes gets in the way. I recently read a few articles about what successful people do in the morning, typical habits etc. I wanted to see if I could employ some of those habits into my own life to become a bit more successful in the things I'm looking to accomplish.

Here's five things I'm now doing:
  1. Wake Up Early - 90% of CEOs polled said they were up before 6AM. Ugh, I don't think that will be me in the near future. Though I have been getting up earlier than before and making it into the office earlier as well. 
  2. Eat Breakfast - This is something I've been doing really well at. Just taking the extra time to feed my body has made a pretty big difference. 
  3. Tackle the Toughest Thing First - This is not always the easiest but something I try to do before I get bogged down with all the other interruptions I have on a daily basis. Making a to do list before I leave for the next morning usually helps me complete this task. 
  4. Exercise - Right now I am doing this after work, though I would like to transition this to first thing in the morning. It's a work in progress. 
  5. Personal Passion Project - Right now it's The Tomboy Project. If you would like to check it out please visit fb.com/thetomboyproject
These five things might seem like they are adding more to my workload, though they have really helped me be more productive, awake and motivated. It's nice. 

What are you doing to be more successful with your hopes and dreams? Share them in the comments. 

07 April 2014

Shelter Dogs

I had made a video for the viral video competition a while back though I never shared it. I thought you all might like to see it. Hope you enjoy.

01 April 2014

Equality Arizona Shirt Design Competition

I've been holding off on this post to see if I won, but I just found out I lost. So I'm going to share my design with the world anyway.

One of my coworkers who I really think knows everyone in the entire world, asked me to design a shirt for Equality Arizona's shirt competition. Since they aren't really known I knew it was important to stick to the letters of the organization and give it a bit of umph.

Comment and let me know what you think of this design!