26 March 2009


Some days I wonder if I will ever hear a client utter the words, "Make the logo smaller." Most likely not because every client wants to showcase the investment they have made in color selection and imagery as big as possible.

I understand their intentions though do they really believe that pushing the logos to 8.5 x 11 status will make a consumer be more loyal or more persuaded to buy? I think not. I believe that consumers learn to trust a well crafted logo that is perfectly sized and perfectly placed with a great quality product.

So staying with today's theme, I have made the logo bigger in hopes that companies will realize their evil ways and finally ask, "Can you make the logo smaller?"

24 March 2009

When an Orange loves and Orange.

So we bought these google eyes and they have been sitting in my desk for . . . 3 weeks now. Today is the day we utilize their potential and tell you the story of Herbert and Henrietta . . .

The story will be narrated by Krystha while . . .

. . . the story will be visually narrated by Me

So the story begins. . .

There once was a boy named Herbert . . .

Herbert loved to eat things . . .
But one day he found a nice little orange named Henrietta . . .

They loved to be kist by the sun as they peered out over the city. . .

They also loved to kiss . . .

But one day . . . Henrietta was picked to be sacrificed by the humans. . .

Herbert was shocked . . .
Herbert and Henrietta spent her final moments together before she was juiced.

23 March 2009

Sing your heart out.

You're sitting at your desk . . . and this crazy euphoria takes over your mind and body telling you to bust out in song right there in front of all of your co-workers and boss. 

Well now you can. Sound great on what we like to call the Stap-la-la-phone. It looks like an ordinary stapler, but in fact it has a wireless connection to all the speakers around the office and tone deaf recognition. So go ahead. Sing to your hearts content. 

19 March 2009

Concepting Slips 1

Ashley: "...well this campaign is global."

Krystha: "No, this is America."

18 March 2009

Portmanteau 4


Word: me. Definition: via copywriter friend I met once thru a dude I dated and now receive great links from via Facebook.  Feverment: cabin fever, but for your apartment.

Portmanteau 3


Just made it up today so, Copyright Me 2009. Basically enabling whatever content you create to be shared on multiple platforms. This is in no way a new idea, but I didn't like saying all the other words to explain like 'share-enabled' or ability to 'share with a friend capability'. 


If you're looking for a hook-up after looking at those signs from the walk to work . . . Dial 1-800-Swingline . . . the stapler that creates
-somes, you decide how many. 

My walk to work . . .

So San Francisco is a dirty city . . . here are a couple signs I have encountered between my place of employment and the Cal-Train.

Dirty city . . . dirty, dirty city.

12 March 2009

Portmanteau 2


When you're working really late at night, approaching the 12 hour mark and at least 4 hours of overtime and you're searching for images that are needed immediately when suddenly mouseritis strikes. Your hand rejects the mouse as if to say the internet no longer has anything to offer you and is completely making your arm like it's on fire, in hell, being personally torched by satan.

11 March 2009

Random Question of the Day

Do fish ever try to hold their breath?

Portmanteau 1

Portmanteau is basically a word that is two words spliced together that either end up being funny or helpful in some way.

And today:
Humanitourism: The new wave in philanthropy that lets you see the world and help make it a better place.

If by 'new wave' they mean people that are rich and 'suddenly feel bad' about taking 'extravagant' vacations given the shitty economy and need a better excuse, then yeah, sure--humanitourism. Missionaries have been doing this and getting killed for years. Have fun.

09 March 2009