24 August 2009

Yay/Boo: Thesaurus.com

photo by xorsyst

Thesaurus.com is free, this is a yay for copywriters. So shouldn't the Visual Thesaurus should be free for Art Directors?

BOO: It is not cool that Art Directors have to pay for a visual thesuarus that would benefit us while Copywriters get their word thesaurus completely free and clear.

18 August 2009

Little Man Syndrome

Don't get me wrong I appreciate a beautiful truck. Though sometimes . . . it's a little . . . or a lot much. This is one of those times.

I'm tired of looking for Lorem Ipsom generators

Too much time is spent looking for this . . . so here are ten paragraphs for me to have easy access too.

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14 August 2009

Jr. Creative Advice: Listen & Observe

photo by Toni Rantanen

I'm not talking about listening to orders . . . which is just common sense, I'm talking about listening to things going on around the office. Listen to how people think and take notes on how they do things. Use the little shortcuts and tricks to art direct faster. There are a lot of things I have learned in the last three weeks, that have allowed me to work faster. Learn all you can. Don't just hole up in your headphones all day and block yourself out.

11 August 2009

Yay/Boo: Save the Whales . . .

This weeks Yay/Boo is definitely covered by Agency Spy and PETAs new poster.

"Sometimes it's fun to look at an ad and the things that can be derived from its message. Here today we have a poster for Peta (yes, it's from Friday). Clearly, it's aimed at fat or scared-to-be-fat people. But it really doesn't make any sense whatsoever when you think about it and luckily we've made a convenient list of our thoughts on the matter." Read More. . .

07 August 2009

Yay/Boo: Another ONE!?

So this campaign just went up in the city. It has some decent lines . . . but there are little lines above the glass in script which you can't read until you are right up on the billboard . . . WHO APPROVED THESE?

The billboard would have been better visually without the line above the glass. Though actually now that I am writing about it . . . I don't know which rum this billboard is for. It reminds me of and makes me think about capitan morgan though . . . hmm probably not the goal.

Yay: The white background.

Yay: The layout of the headline.

Boo: Don't remember who the billboard is for.

Boo: Stupid script above the glass.

Boo: Makes me think of Capt. Morgan instead of your brand.