30 March 2010

Schools Killing Creativity . . .

Really like the story about Gillian Lynne, it's soo true. Kids are shoved in this little box and mostly taught just to pass tests so that the school districts could get more money . . . UGH!

29 March 2010

24 March 2010

ABSOLUT & JAY-Z Collaboration


So this video is definitely worth watching. I love the way the whole video is shot in black and white, and just the calmness in Jay-Z's voice. Beautifully shot and wonderfully edited. One of my favorite quotes from the video is, "You can't make art with business in mind."

09 March 2010

TED Tuesday: How I fell in love with a fish.

I chose this video today because it talks about what people are doing right. How they are utilizing the things that Earth provides and not trying to force things to happen differently.

02 March 2010

TED Tuesday

One of my friends @krystha_tweets introduced me to something we like to call Ted Tuesdays. TED is a non-profit company that focuses on the spreading of ideas mainly Technology, Entertainment and Design. Starting to see where the name came from? Well I want to continue the spreading of ideas and will feature a video each Tuesday.

This week I will stick to something short around 3 minutes to get you started. Enjoy!