09 February 2010

CPB Fearless QA

moleskine drawing by lordmx

So @bogusky posted a new video for his Fearless QA project today and it is definitely the best one thus far. He pulled in a couple old school creatives and just really talked about the importance of technique for art directors. Actually having thumbnails before you jump on a computer and start executing, the fact that some people don't even know what visual hierarchy is . . . it's kind of embarrassing for my generation.

Design has always been a part of my life starting with my great grandfather who was a typographer and illustrator (personally invited by Walt Disney to be an illustrator on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs). I still have the sketch books of type he created for his clients and all the squirrel hair paint brushes he used to hand letter various types of signs.

With architects, designers, typographers, interior designers and illustrators in the family it was hard to not follow in the footsteps of the family business. Once exposed to design, it's possibilities and the ability to influence society it is hard to go on any other career path.

I went to Arizona State to get my BS in graphic design and I am so grateful for the professors that I encountered there. The first two years were spent studying the craft and it was LONG LONG hours and countless bottles of plaka and gesso. We spent semesters training our eyes to be able to kern from 20 feet away and be able to tell a half millimeter just by your eye (thank you Andy Weed). Also included is a whole semester packed with handmade books and portfolio boxes.

The professors are hard, trying to get you to quit, just like one of the CDs mentions in the FQA. We even had a professor tell a student that she should find anothere major on a post it note. . . I think it's though good because if you don't have the passion or the drive you won't make it anyway.

I really saw the benefit of my education when I went to grad school, I chose to go to Texas instead of portfolio school because of their creative program and consistant competitive nature. When I got there I saw people in the creative program that wanted to be ADs though they didn't have the design background, a lot of them didn't make it. Some did though, I have to give credit to those who have a natural talent and the ability to learn fast.

Now as an Art Director, I was incredibly lucky to find a great mentor. He has kind of taken me under his wing and has/is teaching me things that are impossible to learn in school. I think the last year has been such an incredible learning experience that has helped me expand on the skill sets I learned at ASU and UT.

I am somewhat nervous about the generation that comes after mine, because I see so many jump on the computer before concepting and developing an idea. Until Adobe creates a program that generates ideas for us, I feel very strongly about concepting with a piece of paper and a pen (I really don't like pencils). Another topic they touch upon is drawing . . . even if you suck at drawing just do it. . . there is a saying "Practice Makes Perfect" not sure if you've heard of it. Hopefully there will be people in the future generations that feel the same.

Wow. ok just needed a little rant. Here's the link to the video

FearLessQA video interview with CP+B CDs @bwright303 and @Davesz1 http://post.ly/N1Mm

08 February 2010

Super Bowl Monday.

So football season is over again . . . and that just sucks. Let's talk about those commercials . . . they also sucked. As a female who loves football I was kind of (alright completely) turned off by all the stereotypical high maintenece women tricking their boyfriends into not watching football. REALLY ANNOYING.

Also, assuming that the creatives on these commercials are male, I am starting to think they have inferiority complexes. Why?! are there all of these hot women (hot women are not the issue) in these commercials and then they put all of these balding over weight men (ugly men are the issue) in the remaining commercials. Thanks a lot, I now think of your brand and ugly hairy white man legs. My money will stay in my wallet or go to your competitor. Definite SB spot fail.

All the hoopla around the Tim Tebow commercial, lame. The gay meeting company that CBS wouldn't air, be happy that you aren't associated with this year's spots.

The E*Trade Babies, kind of getting bored with them. . . that's all I have to say about that.

Budweiser, your agency has a Longhorn Alum working there and I like it! hook 'em horns.

Doritos, definitely think you hit one out of the park with the Dog Collar spot. The other spots, don't really even remember them.

For the most part I was disappointed with the spots. But who dat think they gonna beat them saints . . . Congrats Saints on successfully completing the Cinderella story and winning the Super Bowl!!