08 February 2010

Super Bowl Monday.

So football season is over again . . . and that just sucks. Let's talk about those commercials . . . they also sucked. As a female who loves football I was kind of (alright completely) turned off by all the stereotypical high maintenece women tricking their boyfriends into not watching football. REALLY ANNOYING.

Also, assuming that the creatives on these commercials are male, I am starting to think they have inferiority complexes. Why?! are there all of these hot women (hot women are not the issue) in these commercials and then they put all of these balding over weight men (ugly men are the issue) in the remaining commercials. Thanks a lot, I now think of your brand and ugly hairy white man legs. My money will stay in my wallet or go to your competitor. Definite SB spot fail.

All the hoopla around the Tim Tebow commercial, lame. The gay meeting company that CBS wouldn't air, be happy that you aren't associated with this year's spots.

The E*Trade Babies, kind of getting bored with them. . . that's all I have to say about that.

Budweiser, your agency has a Longhorn Alum working there and I like it! hook 'em horns.

Doritos, definitely think you hit one out of the park with the Dog Collar spot. The other spots, don't really even remember them.

For the most part I was disappointed with the spots. But who dat think they gonna beat them saints . . . Congrats Saints on successfully completing the Cinderella story and winning the Super Bowl!!

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