17 September 2010

My new home.

Photo by szeke 
So it's officially been two weeks on the job. This place has no shortage of tomfoolery, laughter and great teamwork. Click here to see pictures of our space.

Moving into my new apt was a little weird because the apt I was supposed to move into ended up being 200 sq ft smaller than what the lady promised me. Then she tried to hussle me into a first floor apt on the corner of Maxella and Glencoe . . . REALLY busy intersection with a fence even I could jump over. It was just shady all together.

So I hopped into my already jam packed car and drove over to the apts I used to live in down here in hopes that they would have something available. Just like any good fairy tale, they did. Though, when I was looking at the space, an evil villan wanted to come and steal the apt away (Really someone else just wanted to see the space and rent it). I ended up taking the apt, and love it.

Venice. is. amazing.

Yea that pretty much sums it up.