31 January 2011

A have found a new interest.

Photo by ray.blas
My birthday is coming up soon since my new interest is paddle boarding, I've been looking at boards. I found one by Holua, it's great and has that grandpa faux wood paneling in the Caddy look to it. I've also found another brand I like it's Three Bros. out of Florida.

The thing I loooove about paddle boarding is you can do it ANY where. Whether you are landlocked in the mid-west rocking the lakes or on a coast hanging on some waves, you can get on a paddle board and enjoy the day. I first saw paddle boards in Hawai'i when I was there almost 10 years ago, so yes I'm a little late to the game, but sometimes that happens. 

I just found a living social deal today for a $49 2-hour session. I am pretty stoked. Check out the deal at http://livingsocial.com/deals/16156?ref=personalized-link-box-5485684&rpi=5485684. If you are interested in going with me, let me know.

26 January 2011

A little to the left . . .

So we had a massage therapist come to the office today. The massages were only 15 minutes but I will take it. A man with the name Yoshi just screams "My hands are versed in massage greatness."

Sheena attempted to pull a number out of the bowl. . . 
Mike getting work done. 
Also we launched some Booty Parlor facebook items today. The Booty Parlor Manifesto & Quiz. The manifesto serves as a movement for women to love themselves and take care of their needs. The quiz allows women to find their Mojo type and learn how to improve their sexy lifestyles. Sign the manifesto and take the quiz at facebook.com/bootyparlor. Enjoy!

25 January 2011

TED Tuesday

This girl is not the best speaker, but I like the fact that a ginormous health problem, did not stop her. She did all kinds of things and never considered stopping what she was doing. She is an incredibly inspirational icon to keep someone going after their dreams no matter what happens to them. Watch it and just take it in.

24 January 2011

Was that it? The weekend is over?

Sunset in Venice, CA overlooking Lincoln Blvd. just north of Washington.
There is no way that the weekend is long enough. Especially when you have to work over the weekend. I feel like I accomplished a lot, though with that comes with a complete lack of sleep.

I ate at Jerry's Deli . . . my best friend keeps taking me to these places that are not good. First it was Jollibee where I seriously thought I was going to vom. Then she takes me to Jerry's Deli for a $16.00 California Club sandwich which was really good, but then spoiled by horrific apple pie . . . wah wahh.

I am also trying to grow a garden. My last name means "Farmer" after all . . . so I should be really good at growing things. Apparently you can't just plant seeds and have a plant in two days. So, Instead of a garden allowing me to have vegetables to make home made salsa . . . it is teaching me patience. Most of you that know me . . . it's going as well as you might imagine.

I want to go back the the San Diego zoo. Hands down one of the coolest places to go. I think one needs friends to go to the zoo so I have to wait until things in the agency calm down so my friends will not be so mad at me for working so much. Not really sure when that is going to happen. :/

Ohh speaking of working so much, I found out that two of my friends are moving to LA from ATX! Congrats Kelly for getting a position with Chiat! It will be great. I'm excited to have more friends here, even though you will probably not see me for weeks at a time because we will be working so much :)

Anyway . . . as you can see I lead an incredibly exciting life on the weekends . . .

17 January 2011

Jr. Creative Advice: Explore


It amazes me how many creatives spend 8+ hours inside at a computer a day. How boring?! You need to take time and go outside and explore. You need to see things and do things, it's the only way you are going to be more creative. 

Campaigns "back in the day" apparently had three month time lines. Umm wtf happened? It's now 24 hour turn-arounds.

So anyway . . . on your weekends (if you get them) go do something sans advertising. Be a two year old . . . look at everything . . . touch everything, ok not everything because of diseases and the potential of being arrested. But even just looking up you might be surprised by a view you've never seen in a place you are in all the time. It might actually help you in your job later.

11 January 2011

TED Tuesday - The Art of the Imagination

Imagination is one of my favorite things about myself. I love to get lost in my thoughts and think about how things work or a different way of thinking about something. The reason I like this talk so much is because he talks a lot about the weird things that he thinks about and applies them to their songs. So watch, and enjoy the music and his weird rambles. 

10 January 2011

Boxer Luv Logo Project

Ok so my weekend project is done, really simple but I wanted to keep it a bit classy. Something that would allow for the non-profit to possibly sell items to help raise money for the many boxers in need.

This is their current logo.
click on the image to make a donation!
This is what I propose.

For a text version:

For a visual version:

I started to think about my boxer Leroy and all the joy he brings to my life . . . then he farted. Which led me to make this proposal. 

Any of you who have a boxer know what I am talking about . . . don't try to deny it. One of my favorite things about the Boxer is their tail. I give it up to my vet Dr. Campbell at the Animal Medical and Surgical Center in Scottsdale, AZ for coining the term "The Boxer Boogie", it's when the dog gets so excited he can't control his tail or rear end. I love it. 

There are a lot of ideas this non-profit could do as far as marketing or fundraising. If you are interested in hearing them, let me know . . . you don't think I just give away ideas do you?

04 January 2011

Jr Creative Advice: Get some sleep. . .

Sleep for me ranks right up there with exercising to let my thoughts simmer and evolve into better campaigns. There is no need to compete with others about how much sleep you aren't getting, it doesn't make you more productive or even more creative. 

Psychologists and other scientists who study the causes of sleep disorders have shown that such problems can directly or indirectly be tied to abnormalities in the following systems:

Physiological systems
Brain and nervous system <-- meaning crappy advertising
Cardiovascular system
Metabolic functions
Immune system <-- which is why you get sick easy

Furthermore, unhealthy conditions, disorders and diseases can also cause sleep problems, including:
Pathological sleepiness, insomnia and accidents
Hypertension and elevated cardiovascular risks (MI, stroke)
Emotional disorders (depression, bipolar disorder)
Obesity; metabolic syndrome and diabetes
Alcohol and drug abuse
(Dinges, 2004)

Groups that are at particular risk for sleep deprivation include night shift workers (aka Creatives), physicians (average sleep = 6.5 hours a day; residents = 5 hours a day), truck drivers, parents and teenagers. (American Academy of Sleep Medicine and National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Working Group on Problem Sleepiness. 1997).