10 January 2011

Boxer Luv Logo Project

Ok so my weekend project is done, really simple but I wanted to keep it a bit classy. Something that would allow for the non-profit to possibly sell items to help raise money for the many boxers in need.

This is their current logo.
click on the image to make a donation!
This is what I propose.

For a text version:

For a visual version:

I started to think about my boxer Leroy and all the joy he brings to my life . . . then he farted. Which led me to make this proposal. 

Any of you who have a boxer know what I am talking about . . . don't try to deny it. One of my favorite things about the Boxer is their tail. I give it up to my vet Dr. Campbell at the Animal Medical and Surgical Center in Scottsdale, AZ for coining the term "The Boxer Boogie", it's when the dog gets so excited he can't control his tail or rear end. I love it. 

There are a lot of ideas this non-profit could do as far as marketing or fundraising. If you are interested in hearing them, let me know . . . you don't think I just give away ideas do you?

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