29 February 2012

Countdown to Easter: Follow the Brick Road

Holy moly this was my first time dealing with grout and on an egg . . . let's just say it was a little challenging. I finished it never the less. Enjoy!

28 February 2012

27 February 2012

Countdown to Easter: They Call Me Humpty

Today's egg is a wonderful mix of a couple characters, the obvious one would be a childhood tale of an egg who sat upon a wall and then tragically fell. Can you tell what the others are? Leave a comment and let me know who you think today's egg resembles!

24 February 2012

Countdown to Easter: Schmells Good

Working on these eggs every night has been something of a challenge. What's next? What's going to be something that might look cool or what is not going to fail miserably. Don't get me wrong if something fails, you are going to see it on here too. That's what exploration is about, succeeding, failing, learning, improving and moving forward. 

I've also taken to naming these eggs like someone would name their show dog or horse. I have no idea why except for it is almost as fun as wielding a glue gun around. 

23 February 2012

Countdown to Easter: Sally's Sellin' Shells

My dog is in love with the egg platform. He knocked the egg off of it and ran away with the stand twice before I could get him to lay down and leave it be. My little man just likes to check everything out.

22 February 2012

Countdown to Easter: Sequin Sparks

Today is the first day of Lent and I have decided to start a project ending on Easter.

Every day I will post a photo of an egg I have decorated in some way. Each egg will have it's own personality, look and feel. Some will be pretty and some might be some awful failed experiment.

Today's egg: Sequin Sparks

15 February 2012

Meme of the week.

Ok so I gave in and made one of these. I couldn't help it. I waited and waited for someone to do it and they never did. So here is my contribution to societies need for memes.

08 February 2012

Jr. Creative Advice: First Impressions

One of my friends has a great blog dedicated to selling yourself! You should check it out HERE.

In her latest post she talks about being nice to the person at the front desk. So important, especially because the receptionist isn't always only the receptionist. At Y&R the AEs covered the desk on occasion, at HWH we didn't have one, so the owner did a lot of the welcoming and here at MA, our Business Development Manager and Vice President cover the front desk at times.

When you go to someones office, treat it as if you are at your grandparents house or your significant other's parents home. You wouldn't put your feet on the table or burp loudly in front of them, it's kind of the same when you go into a new company, especially if you are interviewing.

The receptionist is your first impression. They are the first person you say hi to, they also see how you hold yourself before the person you interview with comes out. I guarantee as you exit, your interviewer and the secretary talk about you. It just happens.

What about the reverse? Have you ever gone into a place and the receptionist was awful? It's the exact same thing in reverse. People coming in to interview or do business will question what type of people work here and why they would want to come back. While the owner of the agency is the face of the agency to current clients, the secretary is the face of the company to the rest of the world.

As I began writing this blog, our BDM started to talk to me about an experience she had with people who were incredibly friendly. There was a company we were partnering with who ask for her help making copies and binding production books. While she could have said no for what ever reason, she took the time to make this happen. The task took about an hour and the woman ended up sending an orchid and bottle of wine as a thank you.

Everyone is busy. There are never enough hours in the day for anyone but you can't just sit there and talk about things or nothing will get done.

05 February 2012

2012 Super Bowl Commercials


 Century 21: "Teaser" Deion Sanders is a really nice guy (I've had dinner at his house) though this teaser does not benefit the brand at all.

Hyundai: "Victory Lap" - Womp womp. What a disappointment. Honk your horn if you're happy about the award that you won.

Hyundai Genesis R-Spec: "Faster Acting" - Meh . . .

Downy Unstoppables: "Amy Sedaris and Mean Joe Greene" - Another Rip Off . . . please be original or if you do rip something off at least make it better . . . WTF?!


Hyundai: "All for One - Workers sing Rocky theme" - Anytime employees sing together . . . the results are going to be scary.

Budweiser Platinum: "Factory"- More of a teaser or a warm up than a commercial. Nothing special or warm about it. Hopefully they get better as they go along.

Budweiser Platinum: "Work" - BORING Hopefully this product fails so we don't have to see anymore awful commercials.

Audi: "#SoLongVampires" - Enough with the Vampires already. I'm glad you are trying to get the tweens to want an Audi in five years but please stop torturing the rest of us.

Hyundai: "Cheetah" - This spot was stupid. That is all.

Mars M&Ms: "Ms. Brown" - I love the M&M brand and this teaser was really simple and cute. Hopefully the :30 second spot will be as good as the hype leading up to it.

This was hilarious and as tired of Sexy and I Know as I am, I loved it all over again with Red! Good Job creatives. I loved this spot.

Walt Disney: "John Carter" - Just another movie trailer . . . do I want to see this movie? No.

Coca-Cola: "Superstition" - It took me a while to realize what was going on in this spot. I just thought the bear had to pee then finally at the end I got it. Also, the bears are a little to CG-esk for me. Props to the AD, thank you for not putting the female bear in a pink scarf.

Lexus: "The Beast" - This spot is trying to position the Lexus as a muscle car. It will never be the muscle car nor will I ever look at

Best Buy: "Inventors" - This spot is boring until they get caught on the plane, nice addition. You all know that awkward feeling when you get caught not turning your phone off on a plane.

General Electric: "Power and Beer" - This spot sounded funny and then I saw it. Womp Womp. It leaves a lot to be desired.

Chevy: "Apocalypse" - Great spot, little elbow to your competition without being a dick. Classy.


Cars.com "Confidence" - This reminds me of the Beetlejuice sand worm and it is just plain creepy. Doesn't make me want to by a car from them, it actually makes me want to turn and run.

Budweiser: "Clydesdales - Return of the King" - This spot is so nicely done. Happiness is something that a lot of brands cover, though again it was a nice feel good spot.

Teleflora: "Adriana Lima - Valentines" - Yes show my man a picture of this woman telling him to buy me flowers. I'm sure he will really be thinking about me when watching this spot . . . Nothing great.

H&M: "David Beckham" - He's Hot, every woman knows that. You could have come up with something more than just focusing on his body parts.

Coca-Cola: "The Catch" - Really nicely done. I still think the bears are too CG-like. Also, thank you to the creatives for not making the male bear do the catch.

Hulu: "Will Arnett - TV Star" - This is STUPID.


Sketchers: "Mr. Quiggly" - Thank you sketchers for allowing the creatives to put the product on a dog. This spot is really cute and I like it.

Bud Light: "Use Shazam app for free song"- NEED VIDEO


Toyota: "Connections" - Warm and fuzzy but not memorable.

The Voice: "Betty White" - I am avoiding showing movies TV shows and video games because they don't count, but Betty deserves to be seen.

Chrysler: "Halftime" - Clint Eastwood's voice is just scary sometimes. A little motivational but it makes you feel like you are going to get shot.

Bridgestone: "Time to Perform" - Interesting concept . . . but ehh doesn't really work well.


Volkswagen: "The Dog Strikes Back," - I love this!! Good job tying in last year's success with this year's spot. It's almost too disconnected to work but it's so awesome that it doesn't matter.

Century 21: "Smarter.Bolder.Faster." - I love Donald Trump and the Celebrity Apprentice but it's a dumb commercial.

Dannon Yogurt: "HeadButt" Bahaha down goes John Stamos and his frankensteined belly button. I still will never eat yogurt.

Toyota: "Reinvented" - Dear Toyota I hate you.

Acura: "Transactions" - I loved this commercial! Leno is a little creepy but good!

General Electric: "Something Big" - Good tribute to hard work and tradition.

Fiat 500: "Seduction" - Fiat did a good job of not letting many know they were in the Super Bowl. The spot, definitely held your attention and had a nice twist and the end.

Coca-Cola: "Argh" - This is the weak link to all of the others. It's cute, but not as good as the others.

Bridgestone: "Performance Basketball" - Do I have to like this because Nash is in it?

Budweiser: "Endless Optimism" - I really like this spot, it's a lot like the feel good Camry spot but oh well.  I can get over that.


NFL: "Timeline" - Really nicely done. CG transitions are good.

Honda CR-V: "Broderick" - Way to rip off a movie to make a Super Bowl Commercial.

Kia: "Drive the Dream" - I love this spot. It is the Darth Vader spot of the Super Bowl for me.

Hyundai: "Think Fast" - Dumb. It would have been way funnier if he flew through the windshield.

Time Warner Cable: "Enjoy Breakfast" - Meh . . .

MetLife: "Charlie Brown" - This looks a lot like the Geico commercial.

Honda CR-V: "Leap List" - Slow and boring. 

Bud Light: "Here Weego -- Rescue Dog" - This dragged on a bit for me. Interesting concept but the twist in the beginning made it a little rough to sit all the way through.

Samsung: "Galaxy Note" - I liked this spot, why can't things like this happen in real life?

Prudential: "Day One" - Meh . . .


Go Daddy: "The Cloud" - I don't know who to feel sorry for more . . . the guys they are saying are so dumb or the women because they are actually in the commercial.


Go Daddy: "Body Paint" - You should really save your money.


TaxACT: "Feel the Free" - Gross, does not make me want to do business with you.

Doritos: "Man's Best Friend" - This spot was funny. There are so many secrets your dog knows about you . . . why can't you know some about him? Really nice tap into a simple truth.

Doritos: "Slingshot" - Who ever approved this spot should be fired.

Cadillac: "Green Hell" - I like how sassy this commercial is while still being the classy Cadillac.

Chevy Sonic: "Stunt Anthem - We Are Young" - I LOVE THIS SPOT. I want to get one of these and tear the shit out of it!

Chevy Sonic: "Joy" - This was a good spot, lots of bugs and animals in car spots, but I liked this none the less.

Chevy Volt: "Aliens" - I liked this, it was cute at the end how he was protective of his wife and shuffles her inside.

Suzuki: "Sled" - hahah I traded it in . . . whoops!

CareerBuilder: "Business Trip" - This is a simple truth in advertising agencies. Playing pranks is a right of passage.

E*trade: "Talking Baby - Fatherhood" - This spot had a nice wrap up, a little boring in the beginning. The speed dating saved it.

Pepsi: "The X Factor Winner" - WASTE OF MONEY. If you are going to have Sir Elton John in your spot . . . have the man sing.

Pepsi: "Pepsi Max - Regis Philbin" - I feel like I am back in 1995.

03 February 2012

Morning rodeo.

© 2012 Ashley J George. All Rights Reserved. 

Karin is a cowgirl . . . a very good cowgirl so this morning I went out to West World to watch her do her thing. . . I got there, super easy to find as it is near where I grew up. Finding Karin on the other hand, was not that easy.

I walked in to a place where there are dune buggies and golf carts whizzing by you, people on horses, people walking horses and people warming up horses. You definitely needed to focus on where you were going . . . but what do you do when you don't know what is going on?!

I spent some time enjoying the surroundings. Watching people command these beautiful animals into trotting, something with using the reins to pull their heads backwards and running around REALLY fast in circles. How could something so weird be normal? and why do you do that? and don't you get dizzy?!

After taking a few photos of these people I set out to find Karin. I walked up to this information table and thought it would be really easy. "How do I find someone if I don't know where they are supposed to be or what barn they're in?" This old cowboy behind the table paused for a second, I think to make sure I really just asked that question, but then politely pointed me to the registration building.

I go inside and wait in line as people are registering and then finally the lady asked how she could assist me. I asked her the same thing I asked the old cowboy outside. She too looked at me like I was crazy. Then asked if I knew the horses number . . . I said no . . . she then said she could only look them up by number or horse. "Oh I know the horses name." "Ok what is it?" "Peaches." About ten people burst out laughing . . . apparently horses are only registered under their proper names not their everyday names.

You could tell the woman behind me was frustrated, though she helped me and asked, "Do you know what they do?" All I could remember after being laughed out of the rodeo was that Karin did cutting from a previous conversation. So the woman pointed me to the arena where the cattle events were.

I went over there and watched the men do their thing for a bit, took some pictures and then decided to try and find some information somewhere else. I walked along the barns to the other information house and no one was there.

I then asked a woman on a dune buggy if she knew where I might find out barn assignments. . . she pointed me the the place where she found hers, though apparently I was too late because that information house looked like a ghost town.

Finally, after trying to be a detective, calling Karin and texting her . . . I decided to head back to the office with Peaches' apples. Looks like you're going to have to wait to get them until next week little lady.

Even though I didn't get to see Karin ride, I did get to see a glimpse into this amazing world that you hear about. The women are dressed up in this unimaginable sparkly shirts and everyone is wearing cowboy boots. It's pretty cool. Hopefully I will be able to share some shots of Karin and Peaches from their next rodeo, when we can figure out a meeting spot.

For some photos click HERE.

02 February 2012

Who does this kid belong to?

Betsy took this photo. 

For the last seven months Betsy and I have been working on a campaign with one of our clients. We concepted, scripted, storyboarded and refined, refined, refined. Finally in the last two days we built a set, got all the props in and got our concept on film. It always is a surreal experience.

Our director and producer got here on Sunday to allow for talent callbacks on Monday. We sat through talent callbacks for most of the day on Monday just wanting to make sure everyone that was cast would work not only in their own scenes but cohesively across the spot as well.

Tuesday led us into our preproduction meeting. Here is where we go over the scenes/sets, talent, everyone knows where to go and how to contact anyone. It is basically the Bible of the production. It went really smoothly, and everyone is on the same page going onto set.

Wednesday was jam packed. We showed up to set super early and the construction of our sets started. The guys did such a great job and get everything set up really quickly. It's hard to explain the feeling of the vision you've had in your head for the last seven months forming in front of you by these big burly men. Once the walls started going up and fake windows were cut and placed the set started to come to life. The props started flooding in and taking their spots in each of the scenes. Everything started to be real.

Another thing we had to complete on Wednesday was getting all the talent's wardrobe chosen and fitted. You turn around and see all of the racks of clothing brought in. We definitely could have opened a pop up children's clothing store right there.

Once everything was propped, painted and lit Wednesday we were ready to shoot. The nice thing about having a set is that you don't have to worry about losing sunlight, you can spend as much time on set as you need . . . and that's exactly what we did.

Thursday we came in at eight a.m. and got started right away. Every single child on set was so incredibly well behaved. Once we got into a rhythm everything started to fall together.

On set we had the client, who made sure all of our interactions on set were authentic and appropriate to that age range which was a huge help. Our AE and producer who have been on this wild ride with us from the beginning, without the two of them nothing on this shoot would have been as buttoned up and simple as it was. Obviously the crew, who you read about above, and Betsy and I.

Honestly I don't know if there is anything better than seeing your idea become reality. Keep in mind that I am not married and do not have children. It's just a very special thing to be able to share your clients message with people through a concept you pulled from 1/2 strategy and 1/2 thin air. Without going into some sappy message, it's a pretty cool job to be able to shape the way society moves.

If you are interested in seeing photos from the shoot, please click HERE.