05 February 2012

2012 Super Bowl Commercials


 Century 21: "Teaser" Deion Sanders is a really nice guy (I've had dinner at his house) though this teaser does not benefit the brand at all.

Hyundai: "Victory Lap" - Womp womp. What a disappointment. Honk your horn if you're happy about the award that you won.

Hyundai Genesis R-Spec: "Faster Acting" - Meh . . .

Downy Unstoppables: "Amy Sedaris and Mean Joe Greene" - Another Rip Off . . . please be original or if you do rip something off at least make it better . . . WTF?!


Hyundai: "All for One - Workers sing Rocky theme" - Anytime employees sing together . . . the results are going to be scary.

Budweiser Platinum: "Factory"- More of a teaser or a warm up than a commercial. Nothing special or warm about it. Hopefully they get better as they go along.

Budweiser Platinum: "Work" - BORING Hopefully this product fails so we don't have to see anymore awful commercials.

Audi: "#SoLongVampires" - Enough with the Vampires already. I'm glad you are trying to get the tweens to want an Audi in five years but please stop torturing the rest of us.

Hyundai: "Cheetah" - This spot was stupid. That is all.

Mars M&Ms: "Ms. Brown" - I love the M&M brand and this teaser was really simple and cute. Hopefully the :30 second spot will be as good as the hype leading up to it.

This was hilarious and as tired of Sexy and I Know as I am, I loved it all over again with Red! Good Job creatives. I loved this spot.

Walt Disney: "John Carter" - Just another movie trailer . . . do I want to see this movie? No.

Coca-Cola: "Superstition" - It took me a while to realize what was going on in this spot. I just thought the bear had to pee then finally at the end I got it. Also, the bears are a little to CG-esk for me. Props to the AD, thank you for not putting the female bear in a pink scarf.

Lexus: "The Beast" - This spot is trying to position the Lexus as a muscle car. It will never be the muscle car nor will I ever look at

Best Buy: "Inventors" - This spot is boring until they get caught on the plane, nice addition. You all know that awkward feeling when you get caught not turning your phone off on a plane.

General Electric: "Power and Beer" - This spot sounded funny and then I saw it. Womp Womp. It leaves a lot to be desired.

Chevy: "Apocalypse" - Great spot, little elbow to your competition without being a dick. Classy.


Cars.com "Confidence" - This reminds me of the Beetlejuice sand worm and it is just plain creepy. Doesn't make me want to by a car from them, it actually makes me want to turn and run.

Budweiser: "Clydesdales - Return of the King" - This spot is so nicely done. Happiness is something that a lot of brands cover, though again it was a nice feel good spot.

Teleflora: "Adriana Lima - Valentines" - Yes show my man a picture of this woman telling him to buy me flowers. I'm sure he will really be thinking about me when watching this spot . . . Nothing great.

H&M: "David Beckham" - He's Hot, every woman knows that. You could have come up with something more than just focusing on his body parts.

Coca-Cola: "The Catch" - Really nicely done. I still think the bears are too CG-like. Also, thank you to the creatives for not making the male bear do the catch.

Hulu: "Will Arnett - TV Star" - This is STUPID.


Sketchers: "Mr. Quiggly" - Thank you sketchers for allowing the creatives to put the product on a dog. This spot is really cute and I like it.

Bud Light: "Use Shazam app for free song"- NEED VIDEO


Toyota: "Connections" - Warm and fuzzy but not memorable.

The Voice: "Betty White" - I am avoiding showing movies TV shows and video games because they don't count, but Betty deserves to be seen.

Chrysler: "Halftime" - Clint Eastwood's voice is just scary sometimes. A little motivational but it makes you feel like you are going to get shot.

Bridgestone: "Time to Perform" - Interesting concept . . . but ehh doesn't really work well.


Volkswagen: "The Dog Strikes Back," - I love this!! Good job tying in last year's success with this year's spot. It's almost too disconnected to work but it's so awesome that it doesn't matter.

Century 21: "Smarter.Bolder.Faster." - I love Donald Trump and the Celebrity Apprentice but it's a dumb commercial.

Dannon Yogurt: "HeadButt" Bahaha down goes John Stamos and his frankensteined belly button. I still will never eat yogurt.

Toyota: "Reinvented" - Dear Toyota I hate you.

Acura: "Transactions" - I loved this commercial! Leno is a little creepy but good!

General Electric: "Something Big" - Good tribute to hard work and tradition.

Fiat 500: "Seduction" - Fiat did a good job of not letting many know they were in the Super Bowl. The spot, definitely held your attention and had a nice twist and the end.

Coca-Cola: "Argh" - This is the weak link to all of the others. It's cute, but not as good as the others.

Bridgestone: "Performance Basketball" - Do I have to like this because Nash is in it?

Budweiser: "Endless Optimism" - I really like this spot, it's a lot like the feel good Camry spot but oh well.  I can get over that.


NFL: "Timeline" - Really nicely done. CG transitions are good.

Honda CR-V: "Broderick" - Way to rip off a movie to make a Super Bowl Commercial.

Kia: "Drive the Dream" - I love this spot. It is the Darth Vader spot of the Super Bowl for me.

Hyundai: "Think Fast" - Dumb. It would have been way funnier if he flew through the windshield.

Time Warner Cable: "Enjoy Breakfast" - Meh . . .

MetLife: "Charlie Brown" - This looks a lot like the Geico commercial.

Honda CR-V: "Leap List" - Slow and boring. 

Bud Light: "Here Weego -- Rescue Dog" - This dragged on a bit for me. Interesting concept but the twist in the beginning made it a little rough to sit all the way through.

Samsung: "Galaxy Note" - I liked this spot, why can't things like this happen in real life?

Prudential: "Day One" - Meh . . .


Go Daddy: "The Cloud" - I don't know who to feel sorry for more . . . the guys they are saying are so dumb or the women because they are actually in the commercial.


Go Daddy: "Body Paint" - You should really save your money.


TaxACT: "Feel the Free" - Gross, does not make me want to do business with you.

Doritos: "Man's Best Friend" - This spot was funny. There are so many secrets your dog knows about you . . . why can't you know some about him? Really nice tap into a simple truth.

Doritos: "Slingshot" - Who ever approved this spot should be fired.

Cadillac: "Green Hell" - I like how sassy this commercial is while still being the classy Cadillac.

Chevy Sonic: "Stunt Anthem - We Are Young" - I LOVE THIS SPOT. I want to get one of these and tear the shit out of it!

Chevy Sonic: "Joy" - This was a good spot, lots of bugs and animals in car spots, but I liked this none the less.

Chevy Volt: "Aliens" - I liked this, it was cute at the end how he was protective of his wife and shuffles her inside.

Suzuki: "Sled" - hahah I traded it in . . . whoops!

CareerBuilder: "Business Trip" - This is a simple truth in advertising agencies. Playing pranks is a right of passage.

E*trade: "Talking Baby - Fatherhood" - This spot had a nice wrap up, a little boring in the beginning. The speed dating saved it.

Pepsi: "The X Factor Winner" - WASTE OF MONEY. If you are going to have Sir Elton John in your spot . . . have the man sing.

Pepsi: "Pepsi Max - Regis Philbin" - I feel like I am back in 1995.

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