28 November 2013

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you got to spend the day filling your belly and visiting with family.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are by far my two favorite holidays. My family normally gathers at my parents house and they cook a feast. There's always three meats, corn, beans, veggies, cranberry sauce, homemade noodles, potatoes and pies of every flavor.

This year my mom and I decided to make homemade cranberry sauce and cherry pie. It was a lot of fun learning how to do it and then seeing how it all turned out! Let's just say we will be doing that again!

27 November 2013

Bird's Eye View

It's truly amazing working downtown and on the 29th floor. I'm currently working on a project that will share the view I see every day with so many others. 

Stay tuned to see the project develop.

26 November 2013

Rip It Apart and Hope You Can Put It Back Together . . . Yea That's Sounds Right . . .

When I was seven my VHS player quit spitting the tape back out. I promptly grabbed one of my dad's screwdrivers out of the garage. It was the wrong size so I ended up trying a couple of them. Finally, once I found one that worked, I ripped off the cover of that VHS player and I proceeded to shock myself. Going 0-2 I learned a few things. Know the difference in screwdriver sizes and unplug electronics before sticking metal pieces into them.

The moral of the story is I'm a fixer. A lot of times, most of the time, I have no idea what I am doing and just hope that when I put things back together I don't have any left over pieces.

This week, my pocket book started busting at the seams from all the receipts I shoved in the pockets. Without thinking about it, I started ripping all the fabric off the thing hoping I could figure out how to wrap it all around and shove it under the metal clasps.

I did it. If this ever happens to you, it's a super easy fix with some super glue.

1. Pull out all the piping and the fabric.

2. Clean out all the old glue that obviously didn't do it's job. 

3. Line the interior pieces of the metal with super glue. It dries super fast and has a super strong grip. 

4. Wrap the fabric over the metal piece then insert the piping over the fabric. This ensures a snug fit.

5. Finished.

24 November 2013

ASUWRFC 2013 Recruitment Posters

I'm finally getting around to posting about this year's adventure with the ladies of the ASUWRFC. Please excuse the tardiness but this is one project I love to share.

Blair, David and I teamed up again to come up with posters that will help recruit new players to the team. Recruitment is something that is really difficult. There is a stigma of rugby that it is too rough for a girl to play or that you have to be an ogre. Neither of these are true.

We worked really hard to show the dedication, focus and drive these girls have when they step on the pitch every day through just their face. There's no ball, no pitch. Just the faces of the girls you are going to face when you play the Arizona State University Women's Rugby Football Club.

These are girls who get up every day and go to class and most of them you wouldn't think play rugby. Though they leave their hearts out there on the field when they finish a game and then go drink a beer and sing songs with the opposing team.

If you see these posters and are a college student now, go out and play rugby. If you are a parent, get your kid involved in rugby. It will help them become a better human being.

Thank you to all the ASUWRFC girls who were at the shoot and were patient while we set everything up and fearlessly jumped into not the warmest water. You are incredibly appreciated!

Ashley J George, Art Director
Blair Bunting, Photographer
David Wilson, Copywriter
The posters are © 2013 ASUWRFC All Rights Reserved. If you are interested in replicating the posters please contact the team at ASUWRFC.information@gmail.com

18 November 2013

The Buddy Program

The Buddy Program is the brain child of my agency's managing director. The short answer is that any new hire is paired up with an existing employee. Over six weeks they go to lunch together and the existing employee helps ease the new employee into our culture.

This program is relatively new. It was started in February of this year and has been a hit since we've been hiring like rabbits. At the end of your six weeks, you and your buddy do a presentation in front of the entire agency.

Today was the day that my buddy and I did our presentation. We decided to do a video. I took my buddy around town, on a lot of events the agency holds and some awesome lunches.

Check out some of our fun adventures in our presentation video below.

12 November 2013

Kitchen Lettering

Another Pinterest project is in the works. I've always wanted some lettering in the kitchen, though I didn't want the word 'EAT' just because it gives me mental images of cakes, cookies and other such goodies. I wanted a word that reminded me of healthy and fresh foods.

After a long list of words, I finally settled on one. NOURISH. When I step in the kitchen to prepare a meal, I want it to do just that. Nourish my body with the nutrients that it needs and then move on to the other activities in my life.

I grabbed all the supplies at my local Hobby Lobby and am getting ready to dive in. Below is what is supposed to happen. Everyone knows Pinterest Projects never go perfectly. Stay tuned for updates on how it went.

08 November 2013

Save the Corgis!

Ana came across a BuzzFeed article saying that Corgis were going extinct. All we heard about for days was Save the Corgis!!

Leroy is a spunky little man this week, though the poor little guy injured his toes. So he's on serious rest for a little while. That doesn't stop him from sleeping like this.

This is one of my favorite murals in Phoenix. It's on 7th Street and Roosevelt.

Our building has been doing a lot of sprucing up. I came to work one morning to see the guys installing the new signage. It's really poorly designed and hard to read.

This is the view from our building. Seriously one of the best places to see the sunset in our city.

06 November 2013

Collegiate Custom Lettering

One of my friends is opening her own store and I've been helping her out with the branding. One of my favorite parts of the branding is the custom lettering I've created for her.

It's a take off the traditional collegiate letters with the hope of giving them a classier more mature feel. Check out a few of them below.

04 November 2013

Ballet Arizona's Cinderella

After watching Ballet West prepare for Cinderella on the reality TV show Breaking Pointe, I really wanted to see the whole show. Since I don't live in Utah, I decided to patron my local ballet company.

I bought one ticket right up front and sank in for a first time experience. The symphony hall smelled like diapers because of all the little girls running around in tights and pink fluffy dresses.

The curtain was a heavy cheesecloth that looked to be hand painted. There was a crown in the center that was backlit to look as though it was sparkling.

The Phoenix Symphony was in the pit and the crowd erupted in applause when the conductor took his position. It was pretty awesome to listen to the symphony start to play, then the curtain started to rise.

Behind the curtain lay a magnificent set. It was inside Cinderella's home and the background painting was spectacular, I almost forgot to look at the ballerinas entering the stage.

Cinderella's step-sisters were really funny. Their expressions were perfect and their comedic timing was on point. The little kids and the adults were laughing at their performances.

Cinderella herself was definitely the best ballerina on stage. She was flawless as she owned the stage. When she came out in her ball gown, a white leotard and tutu that was covered in jewels that reflected the light with every movement.