30 November 2009

UPDATE: DEWmocracy

UPDATE: Voting started about an hour ago and continues until midnight 13.December.09.

To vote, you simply log on using "connect with facebook" or create a profile and click the vote button next to our video, each person can vote three times a day for each of the 13 days. The link to the competition is http://www.12seconds.tv/campaign/dewmocracy, our video is under the user name bruonis and titled "DUDE! No, DEW." You have to click "show more" at the bottom of the page because the site doesn't display all of the videos at once. I understand this makes the voting process more complicated, though we would appreciate if you would take a few minutes each day for the next two weeks and help two ad creatives (myself and Krystha) win this competition and make the spring 2010 Mountain Dew commercial.

We have had a few people ask us to send them reminders, so if you would like to receive a daily email to remind you to vote, reply to me only with your email address. We aren't going to sell them or spam anyone, you would just receive ONE email around 9am California time reminding you to vote and 13 days later . . . no more emails. On the 14th day you will probably be sad that a reminder email isn't in your inbox.

Thank you to those who have already spread our video around facebook and twitter helping us get over 6600 views thus far and be the only one of the videos tweeted by Mountain Dew's official twitter feed.

Mtn Dew Voting Begins Tomorrow!

Ok so it's here! The voting period for the Mountain Dew DEWmocracy Competition. The voting period lasts from 01.December until 13.December, each person is allowed to vote 3x times a day for the 13 day voting period. So, that means each person can contribute 39 votes during the voting period.

We need all the help we can get. If you just want to vote that's fine, though if you could pass the word along to your friends we would appreciate that as well. We are putting together an email list to send ONE reminder each day for you to go and vote. If you are interested in being on this list please email me George at Bruonis dot Com.

We are really excited about the opportunity to work with Mountain Dew and hope to be one of the top 6 to compete for the national commercial.

16 November 2009

Go See Art & Copy

Alright so I was a little nervous to go see this, because I don't do too well with documentaries. Though if you are a creative you really need to see this movie. It really makes you have pride in this industry and for me it made me re-understand why I do what I do.

In our 2009 Young Guns submission we poke fun at the elders in our industry but I have soo much respect for what they have done and in most cases continue to do. It's really nice to listen to them talk about risk taking and doing things that cause a little havok. Lee Clow is probably my favorite, he is just one of those old men that you want to learn everything from and be best friends with. It's weird to think I lived a block from him and all he does for nine months in L.A.

So that's it. Short and sweet just like the movie. It's only at the Roxie for this week. Go see it, take it all in and be inspired.

07 November 2009

King Tut Exhibit

A couple of the Texas Ad Grad ladies were in town this weekend and we watched Texas kill UCF, always a good time, then we went to the de Young museum to see the king tut exhibit. I have heard mixed reviews but I really enjoyed it, there were a few too many people there for me . . . but not a big deal.

A few things I found interesting were:
It is now believed that KT died of an infection from a broken leg instead of a blow to the back of the head.

They don't know who his parents are, and the ones that they assume are his parents also birthed his future wife (duurty).

The pyramids had been built for around 1,000 years by the time that Tut was born.
 One thing we talked about is how beautiful the jewelry and artifacts look in photographs but when you see them in person, they look so cheap. Granted they were made in 1332 BCE and earlier . . . they didn't really have all the tools we do now to make jewlery. Though the intricate details in the death masks and heiroglyphics on the coffins and other artifacts are incredibly beautiful.

Apparently Egypt won't let the mummy of tut or his death mask travel because they are too precious/fragile, so as great as all the artifacts are, if you actually wanna see this young king, you are going to have to go to Egypt.

Oh and doesn't King Tut kind of look like Michael Jackson? Weeeiiirrrdddd. 

06 November 2009

Advertising Contest Maniacs.

So what have we been working on lately? Since Mavericks Surf window is now open, & we are waiting on Mother Nature to unleash her fury and send us some gnarly waves. What the hell have we been doing? Well K-Dub (my copywriter) and I have been working on trying to win some hardware. Currently we are working on entering Young Guns which is a competition for advertising creatives under 30 and also are trying to win the chance to make a TV spot for Mountain Dew (view our pitch video).

We've had a lot of fun getting all of the deliverables ready to go, and doing contests have really allowed us to flex some more risky creative muscles. So keep your fingers crossed for us! We will keep you updated on when the voting window opens for the Mountain Dew Competition.

Just For Fun: MSNBC Twitter gets hacked.

Some days there are things that happen that provide just enough entertainment to make your day. Well today, someone or multiple someones hacked the twitter feed on MSNBC. If you missed it I was entertained enough to take a screen shot. I love that you can obviously see they had free reign for half an hour before the feed got suspended. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Sadly this was a hoax. . .but regardless . . . it is still entertaining.

27 October 2009

Jr. Creative Advice: In my thoughts and prayers.

photo by De-ann Black

Yesterday a graduate student committed suicide during a professor's office hours. That professor was Mookesh Patel, he was my professor during my undergraduate studies and is now considered a dear friend. I can not fathom going through or witnessing something like that and I want him to know that his students past and present are here for him as he has always been there for us. State Press Article.

I found out from one of my friends who I went through the program with and we started talking about the program and the stress that goes with it. Many don't understand how the ASU Graphic Design program works, it is a hard, nose to the grindstone program that really bonds a class together. There is no just sitting in a lecture for 60 minutes and then taking a midterm and a final. You are in rigorous 3-4 hour classes making, building and exploring. Your first year it's plaka and plaka and oh yea did I mention plaka . . . you will have nightmares about that stuff. There are insane deadlines and extremely high expectations, we are after all the best design program in the nation.

All this rounds out the year with an application to the professional program consisting of multiple tests and then onto the waiting game til July to see how many of the 200 get to be part of the lucky 30 to get in. After your first college summer, come the three professional years . . . and that is a novel in itself.

As challenging as the program is I wouldn't trade my experiences there for anything, All the professors, Andy Weed, Mookesh and Al, Jennifer, Haywood and yes even Beth . . . are so true to the craft and the pursuance of making us the best we can be. That program really prepared me for graduate school and for real life in the advertising world. There was a stint of 4 months where I consistently worked 80 hour weeks just to make client deadlines. Yes, I have even slept in the agency.

Mookesh, I am really happy you are safe and hopefully can put this tragedy behind you to continue doing the great work you have done for so many over the years. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this trying time. You truly are a beacon of inspiration.

Relay for Life

Here is some work that we did for the Marin Relay for Life. Krystha up on her soap box.

25 October 2009

Here's one of the videos we did for Mavericks Surf Competition. The window for the competition opens Nov 1st. 

24 October 2009

Mavericks Live Tour 2009 Video

Here's the final cut of the video for Mavericks that I worked on. If you want to share it on Facebook visit Facebook.com/Mavericks
and click the share button. The opening ceromonies are going to be held in a week!

03 October 2009

Mavericks Surf Competition 09/10

So it is less than one month until the Mavericks Surf Competition window opens and everyone is getting really excited. This is the logo I just finished for the 09/10 competition. We are busily getting all the promotional materials ready for the competition. There are some great shirts coming out for the competition and all kinds other promotional items.

If you are not familiar with Mavericks. It is a surfing competition unlike any other. You can read about the history on their website maverickssurf.com. A basic bare bones of it is 24 surfers get 24 hours notice to get their asses to Half Moon Bay, CA to surf the biggest baddest waves in the world.

01 October 2009

Jr. Creative Advice: Break Rules.

I am all for learning the rules of design and mastering them as well. . .but along with that I am for breaking those rules as long as you can defend your reasoning for breaking them, or you just make something remarkable.

So in the spirit of breaking rules here are some tunes from Little Texas: Kick A Little.

VOTE: Phoenix Design Week 09 Poster

So I entered a contest in my free time. Yes I know I am crazy for doing more work when I'm not at work . . . WOO! Anyway click on the poster above to VOTE for my poster much appreciated.

The poster celebrates the Phoenix Bird as it dies and is reborn from the ashes, very similar to the generations of designers. One set goes out and then another comes in all further paving the road than those before him. That is the reasoning for the copy "To those who came before: thank you. To those who will come after: good luck."


23 September 2009

UPDATE: Mavericks Live Tour 2009

The stage has been set . . . Mavericks has released the tour dates for the 2009 Mavericks Live Tour! Above is the poster I did for them and below you can see if the tour will be coming to a city near you.

If you're in San Francisco, I hope to see your there!

October 17 - Calgary @ Flames Central
October 18 - Vancouver @ Commodore Ballroom
October 19 - Eugene @ McDonald Theater
October 21 - Anaheim @ House of Blues
October 22 - San Francisco @ The Fillmore
October 27 - Denver @ The Fillmore
November 2 - St. Louis @ Pageant
November 3 - Chicago @ House of Blues
November 8 - New Orleans @ House of Blues
November 10 - Raleigh @ Lincoln Theater
November 11 - Charlotte @ The Fillmore
November 19 - Myrtle Beach @ House of Blues
November 21 - Baltimore @ Sonar
November 25 - Washington D.C. @ Sixth & I Historic Synagogue
December 2 - Cleveland @ House of Blues
December 3 - Cincinnati @ Bogart's
December 7 - Detroit @ St. Andrew's Hal

21 September 2009

Stan Richards you are my inspiration.

Ever since I met Stan Richards at his agency (thank you Dr. Burns) and then heard him tell his first advertising story, he has become my inspiration.

There is one part of the speech that is also written on the AIGA website. This paragraph has been permanently burned onto my brain:

"Stan started his Dallas career by taking a job with the Bloom Agency. "I hated it," he says. "I hated the politics and the bureaucracy, but I figured you owed an employer at least a year." In 1953 he and his wife, Betty, began selling freelance design services to agencies that were looking for outstanding creative. And soon there was a milestone month when they billed $135. They spent their times looking for the best clients, putting together the best-run shop in town, finding the best people and getting them to do their best work. Looking back on those years, Stan says, "I made a point of seeing every kid who wanted to see me. I hired the most immensely talented people. I taught them how to run a highly disciplined organization, and how to run it profitably. I taught them how to fight very hard for doing things right. It took a while, but soon we dominated the local awards shows. And then my competitive instincts ran nationally."
He makes you believe that no matter what you want to do, if you put enough sweat and persistence into it, you can achieve anything. I thank you Stan Richards for your dedication to your craft and your determination to do great work.

18 September 2009

Mavericks Live Tour 2009

So this past week I've been working on the logo, some posters, ads and clothing for the 2009 Mavericks Live Tour featuring Matisyahu. It's been really fun and there is some great work that came from all of it. Once everything is finalized I will post some images of the work but for now enjoy the logo. The tour kicks off in October and hits some gnarly cities along all three of the coasts.

You can read the press release on the tour at Maverickssurf.com

14 September 2009

Jr. Creative Advice: Go To Class!

So some pretty cool news on the forefront. KB and I will be speaking at the Academy of Art on October 28th! So get your butt to class and come see us.

09 September 2009

Jr. Creative Advice: Give Thanks

photo by
loupiote (Old Skool)

So a lot of you already know that I just recently had a family emergency and had to get home fast. What you may not know is that there are seven people that went out of their ways and helped me get there so much faster than I probably ever would have.

It was really nice to know that in a time of crisis there are people in my office that will not only understand, but assist me in anyway they can.

Thank you guys.

24 August 2009

Yay/Boo: Thesaurus.com

photo by xorsyst

Thesaurus.com is free, this is a yay for copywriters. So shouldn't the Visual Thesaurus should be free for Art Directors?

BOO: It is not cool that Art Directors have to pay for a visual thesuarus that would benefit us while Copywriters get their word thesaurus completely free and clear.

18 August 2009

Little Man Syndrome

Don't get me wrong I appreciate a beautiful truck. Though sometimes . . . it's a little . . . or a lot much. This is one of those times.

I'm tired of looking for Lorem Ipsom generators

Too much time is spent looking for this . . . so here are ten paragraphs for me to have easy access too.

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14 August 2009

Jr. Creative Advice: Listen & Observe

photo by Toni Rantanen

I'm not talking about listening to orders . . . which is just common sense, I'm talking about listening to things going on around the office. Listen to how people think and take notes on how they do things. Use the little shortcuts and tricks to art direct faster. There are a lot of things I have learned in the last three weeks, that have allowed me to work faster. Learn all you can. Don't just hole up in your headphones all day and block yourself out.

11 August 2009

Yay/Boo: Save the Whales . . .

This weeks Yay/Boo is definitely covered by Agency Spy and PETAs new poster.

"Sometimes it's fun to look at an ad and the things that can be derived from its message. Here today we have a poster for Peta (yes, it's from Friday). Clearly, it's aimed at fat or scared-to-be-fat people. But it really doesn't make any sense whatsoever when you think about it and luckily we've made a convenient list of our thoughts on the matter." Read More. . .

07 August 2009

Yay/Boo: Another ONE!?

So this campaign just went up in the city. It has some decent lines . . . but there are little lines above the glass in script which you can't read until you are right up on the billboard . . . WHO APPROVED THESE?

The billboard would have been better visually without the line above the glass. Though actually now that I am writing about it . . . I don't know which rum this billboard is for. It reminds me of and makes me think about capitan morgan though . . . hmm probably not the goal.

Yay: The white background.

Yay: The layout of the headline.

Boo: Don't remember who the billboard is for.

Boo: Stupid script above the glass.

Boo: Makes me think of Capt. Morgan instead of your brand.

31 July 2009


This is a billboard I saw on my way to work this morning. It's on the Fourth St exit of the 80 Freeway in San Francisco.

Yay: Good Placement, this is a long red light allowing ample time for everyone to see it.

Boo: I get that the left side is SUPPOSED to be a close up of the bottle's label, but it is too close and thus making it look like a split screen.

Boo: Using Mary Kate typeface for your headline. WHY would you add ANOTHER typeface to this billboard?

Boo: Headline . . .

. . . and the Boos have it.

30 July 2009

Jr. Creative Advice: Grab Yur Pardner Dosey Doe

this is Krystha (left) and me (right) our first semester of grad school.

Today's advice is more for the rockstar adgrads still in portfolio. Get yo self a pardner. If you're an AD find a CW, if you're a CW find an AD. Find someone you really mesh well with and don't mind being around for 36 hours straight. Work with them relentlessly. Build a team book and really sell yourself as one cohesive unit.

In grad school I teamed with a lot of different copywriters. At the end of portfolio 3 I was looking for a new copywriter. Krystha had done some good writing and I wanted to work with her. So I asked . . . asked again . . . and again. She put off giving me an answer for about 3 weeks. Then she tells me that she is working with someone else. Alright fine, so I start to work on a campaign by myself. Then a couple days later she comes to me and says that the girl she was supposed to work with was working with someone else. Come to find out she was intimidated to work with me . . . .

We hammered out the two campaigns in two days. These were the only campaigns that needed a little to no tweaking at all and you guys know how long it usually takes to get something approved by Matt, Maria or Sean.

As we left grad school, Krystha already had an internship in New York (lame, jk), and I went straight to LA. Three months later she moves to Dallas for another internship . . . I wasn't so happy but I figured that at least she was slowly moving west. I was right, finally after NY and Dallas, Krystha finally decided to come to Cali and try to sell ourselves as a team. First try, we got hired.

Our current bosses sold themselves as a team when the concept was unheard of, but they have been together for 19 years so it seems to work out well.

I came across this funny posting of two creatives who currently work at W+K talking about how people react when you are talking about your creative partner.

23 July 2009

Jr. Creative Advice: Don't Limit Yourself

KB and I graduated graduate school in May of '08 (Hook 'Em) and I moved to L.A. and did some freelance while KB did a couple internships in NYC and Dallas. Fast forward to December '08, still no agency prospects on the horizons, the economy is slow and I am still trying to get KB to move to L.A., and it's not really working.

Fast forward to January '08, I drove back to L.A. from PHX and got home at about 2 am. I was exhausted from driving but I decided to check craigslist for jobs before I went to bed. I found a posting saying an agency in S.F. was holding an open house in hopes of hiring a team. I got on the phone, facebook, myspace, twitter . . . and any other social network I could think of at 3 am and left KB a message telling her she needed to meet me in S.F. in 24 hours (she was in TX).

The next morning KB calls me and is like there is no way I can get on a plane and get there in time, so we start to think about her just sending her book and I could put her picture in a frame and set it on the desk during the interview. Anyway, we get off the phone and about an hour later she calls me back, she found a round trip ticket for $250 and would meet me there. SWEET!

KB packed and drove to Austin that night and flew out at 5 am the next morning (shoutout to MJ for taking my CW to the airport!)

We were nervous, excited and didn't really know what to expect. The postings went up 24 hours before the review and Agency Spy even said how bad the PR was for the review. So anyway, we get there and the place is PACKED as you can see from the video. There were over 300 people there and there was this short little asian lady shouting instructions on how to line up and other details.

KB and I got to interview as a team, and met with the ECD for a good 10 minutes which was way longer than a lot of other people were meeting with the CDs for. After our interview we felt good, they liked our work and we liked them.

After the shindig with the review KB decided to move to L.A. and even if we didn't get the job, we could search for jobs in L.A. as a team. Two weeks to the day, we got a call from the short little asian lady and she wanted us to come back up for another interview. Of course we would go.

I went downstairs to the gym and KB was riding the bike. I said, "So guess what we are doing Friday?!" She didn't know . . . and before I could finish saying going to S.F., she had jumped off the bike and was hugging me and jumping up and down with her schweaty self.

We went back up to S.F. interviewed again and we knew this was a place we wanted to be. We figured that we would have to sweat it out and we might get a call the next week, but we ended up getting a call within 30 minutes of interviewing with an offer for the job.

We accepted Friday and started Tuesday. It took me a month of weekends to get all my stuff from L.A. to S.F. It was a crazy experience and S.F. wasn't a place either of us had planned on moving to, but we have been here now for about six months.

Soo . . . the moral of the story is don't limit yourself. Be open to anything, it not only raises your possibilities of finding a job, it makes life more exciting.

09 July 2009

Virgin U?

Virgin U huh? interesting.

Jr. Creative Advice: Invest in a Mini Fridge

You're going to have long nights and because pencils aren't a nutritious source of anything, you should buy a mini fridge and stick it in your advertising playpen. I found mine on Craigslist (no the stickers weren't included) for $50. Holla.

06 July 2009

Yay/Boo: Would You Hire Her?

There's a post on Phoenix Ad Blog where an intern writes about her horrible experience interning at an ad agency "which will remain nameless". I am from Phoenix and went to AZ State for GD, anyone who falls into either one of those categories knows the agency with the basketball court & free beer. Way to go Moses you are famous for something.

The internship is unpaid and and that blows because I think internships should be paid at least minimum wage. Intern should have known this before taking the position, Moses has never paid their interns and probably never will because they can get away with it.
>> Boo Intern for not doing your homework
>> Boo Moses for not paying your interns.

The basketball court & free beer is definitely a bonus, we only get free pop & fruit at my agency, but as this is the real world and there is a recession/depression going on. Businesses and people are trying to keep their head above water and food on their table. Maybe Intern should read AgencySpy and realize how many people are getting laid off.
>> Boo intern for being naive to what is going on in the world today.
>> Yay Moses for even having a basketball court and free beer.

Organizing pens by color, moving binders, and running errands suck, but is part of being an intern. It's what makes helping out in the concepting and production phase that much more exciting. The projections you complain about come with proving the work has worked, the scripts you had to re-type give you the ability to see how scripts are written and how you should write them in the future. A lot of interns, even juniors for that matter never see a photo shoot until their second year in the business, you should feel lucky that you got to experience it.
>> Boo intern for bitching, everyone now knows you aren't a team player and you will get picked last for kickball.
>> Yay Moses for being OCD organized.

Intern you are not the only one who has interned . . . everyone does it. It's a right of passage, a shitty one none the less, but still a right of passage. Once you get hired, being a junior is better than being an intern but you still do the projects the seniors don't want to do, you still have to work your ass off, stay late, work weekends, and do whatever it takes to get where you want in this industry. Nothing in life is given to you, and nothing is truer than that in this industry. You made a three month commitment in which you couldn't follow through on. Boo to you.

I do love the fact that intern is gung-ho about creating competition for Moses, they need it, it will only make them a better shop. The only thing is, Intern will have to get her own interns to organize her pens by color because everyone knows she won't do it.

Read the entire letter below that was submitted to the Phoenix Ad Blog:

This open letter was submitted by Jenavi Kasper, who recently resigned as an intern at one of the large local ad agencies:

Dear Local Advertising Agency Named After the Founders,

Well, it’s been one heck of a time interning over at your super-cool office. The Friday in-house happy hour was a great touch. When I landed the internship at your place I was excited. Working downtown in a hip office, getting some experience in the industry and the free beer is what lured me in. It sounded like a dream! And I have to say, when I told people where I was interning they were pretty impressed.

But you guys dropped the ball (figuratively of course). Come to think of it, while I was there I never did see anyone start the pick-up game of basketball I was expecting to break out at any moment–but maybe I was tainted by the YouTube video. (What good is the basketball hoop in the office if nobody uses it?)

I would be crazy to leave, right? Even if it was an unpaid internship it’s still a resumè builder. But, if you can believe it, I left this experience disappointed.

Maybe that’s my fault. I had unrealistic expectations. I thought that interning would allow me to use my brain and maybe, just maybe, apply some of what I spent four years learning. But you proved me wrong. You have snatched my naiveté like a pillowcase filled with candy on Halloween.

The funny thing is, I didn’t get it right away. When you assigned me to organize the pens by color on my first day I didn’t worry much about it. When you asked me to drop off DVDs to your client’s office, I didn’t think twice (though I wasn’t paid for gas). I didn’t even mind when you asked me to help you move binders out of your office.

But it started to get old fast. When “helping with projections” meant reading you numbers off a spreadsheet I became a little discouraged. When “working with scripts” meant retyping scripts I was bummed. It was especially painful when I spent all morning cleaning out an office for the new girl while you guys took off to Starbucks.

It wasn’t all bad. You did let me go to that commercial shoot, which was fun, and it was great to be able to sit in on a couple of meetings. But there are some things you should keep in mind before you bring in my replacement:

Remember, we are ADVERTISING students. That stuff you do for your clients to get the word out, the get the brand promise out to the target audience, we know how to do that too. We also know those Jedi mind tricks.

We want to learn as much about the business as possible and if you can’t provide that training we will find someplace else that will. That place might be your competition.

Or heck, we’ll freelance and become your competition.

So be careful. You don’t want to end up being called out on a blog, do you?

Yours Truly,
The Intern

If you’re looking for someone capable of something a bit more subtle than sorting pens, you can reach Jenavi on Facebook and Twitter, or by e-mail at jenavikasper@yahoo.com.

28 June 2009

Jr. Creative Advice: Buy Lots of Clothes

As a junior you will find yourself working a lot of hours. For example, this past week I have worked over 80 hours. All of it well worth it and pretty amusing as well, but with long hours there comes a price: Not being able to do laundry, so to avoid being the smelly kid at work.

ADVICE: Be prepared to put together 21-30 outfits before doing 1 load of laundry.

19 June 2009

It's Friday.

And it's been a slow/weird week. We had some brief flashes of ideas yesterday for NCAA but not sure if they're going to take root. We're showing some of those ideas today at some point...

We're getting briefed on something 7UP too! wooo..hopefully there's a soda pop idea in my head somewhere.

17 June 2009

Bird sans-leg.

There once was a black birdie who loved to fly and tweet.
One day while tweeting away a merry little tune, a little worm he spied crawling across the sidewalk. He thought, "Oh delicious, that'll be a nutritious breakfast. Worm meat is high in Omega-3's--all the other birds eat crappy human bread slices, but today, I'm eating a worm." This was a lot for the bird to think about while flying at the same time to consider how he would attack his prey of a critter. He swooped, he failed. The worm saw him and decided that he would trap that bird. So the little worm inched towards a glass door and SLAM goes the bird into the door and a human opened the door and then little black birdie got stuck by the leg cause he was just lying there and humans don't care. The worm said "That's what you get for trying to eat me. I know I'm nutritious, but damn man--I was just tryin' to get some exercise. Now you're foot's stuck in the door. Haha!" And so that's how he got his much hated name PegLeg The Stupid Blackbird that wanted Omega-3's.

Today in the NCAA and other such things

I'm not really sure how to get there but the ideas are starting to sprout like little flowers. But I want a big flower damnit. A really really big ass flower.

We're going to a Mavericks (not the Dallas...) film festival tonight in Half Moon Bay to watch surfers and what not--should be interesting.

Worked on Dell last week and had a couple of good ideas--we'll see if J.B. and Kevin can sell some interesting ideas.

What else is going on...oh I'm working on some personal essays and trying to compile them and maybe get Ashley to do a cover for them. Yeah--gotta make that happen somehow.

Want to learn how to mix music...I just got this sudden urge. Maybe I'll mess with something tonight. Yeah.

15 June 2009

Yay/Boo: Git Em Greeny

K and I were standing in Safeway and saw these magazines sitting next to eat other. On the left is the cover of Sports Illustrated and on the right is the back cover of the magazine. I think this is really smart and incredibly well done.

Yay: The only logo is on the character.

Yay: There is NO text.

Yays have it!

20 May 2009

06 May 2009

We got slammed . . .

So we've been behind yes. . . and we are sorry. BUT we were slammed and since we like to get paid and have a job we did our work. To make it up to you, here are two videos!

16 April 2009

Before we had jobs . . .

So everyone heard about the Best job in the World? RIGGGHT? Well Krystha and I applied for it. and below you can see our video. Enjoy!

09 April 2009

Jr Creatives Left Alone.

While working on some civic work . . . we thought we would share some of the outtakes. enjoy!

Sexual innuendo Thursday.....

(When talking about Round Table Pizza headlines as if you are talking to a pizza or the pizza is talking to you...)

Ashley: "How about 'Does it hurt when I eat you?'"

Ashley: "...it would be funny if the pizza was more forceful, like 'Shut up bitch and eat me!'

(When talking about me [krystha] in a video clip and having it go in reverse slow motion...)

Krystha: "Why don't you try doing me backwards?"

(When talking about going to a conference room to concept)

Krystha: "We should probably just get a room."

07 April 2009

FOUND: Melissa Vogel

We got this email from Melissa Vogel wishing everyone a Happy Easter . . . just some food for thought.

26 March 2009


Some days I wonder if I will ever hear a client utter the words, "Make the logo smaller." Most likely not because every client wants to showcase the investment they have made in color selection and imagery as big as possible.

I understand their intentions though do they really believe that pushing the logos to 8.5 x 11 status will make a consumer be more loyal or more persuaded to buy? I think not. I believe that consumers learn to trust a well crafted logo that is perfectly sized and perfectly placed with a great quality product.

So staying with today's theme, I have made the logo bigger in hopes that companies will realize their evil ways and finally ask, "Can you make the logo smaller?"

24 March 2009

When an Orange loves and Orange.

So we bought these google eyes and they have been sitting in my desk for . . . 3 weeks now. Today is the day we utilize their potential and tell you the story of Herbert and Henrietta . . .

The story will be narrated by Krystha while . . .

. . . the story will be visually narrated by Me

So the story begins. . .

There once was a boy named Herbert . . .

Herbert loved to eat things . . .
But one day he found a nice little orange named Henrietta . . .

They loved to be kist by the sun as they peered out over the city. . .

They also loved to kiss . . .

But one day . . . Henrietta was picked to be sacrificed by the humans. . .

Herbert was shocked . . .
Herbert and Henrietta spent her final moments together before she was juiced.

23 March 2009

Sing your heart out.

You're sitting at your desk . . . and this crazy euphoria takes over your mind and body telling you to bust out in song right there in front of all of your co-workers and boss. 

Well now you can. Sound great on what we like to call the Stap-la-la-phone. It looks like an ordinary stapler, but in fact it has a wireless connection to all the speakers around the office and tone deaf recognition. So go ahead. Sing to your hearts content. 

19 March 2009

Concepting Slips 1

Ashley: "...well this campaign is global."

Krystha: "No, this is America."

18 March 2009

Portmanteau 4


Word: me. Definition: via copywriter friend I met once thru a dude I dated and now receive great links from via Facebook.  Feverment: cabin fever, but for your apartment.

Portmanteau 3


Just made it up today so, Copyright Me 2009. Basically enabling whatever content you create to be shared on multiple platforms. This is in no way a new idea, but I didn't like saying all the other words to explain like 'share-enabled' or ability to 'share with a friend capability'. 


If you're looking for a hook-up after looking at those signs from the walk to work . . . Dial 1-800-Swingline . . . the stapler that creates
-somes, you decide how many.