17 June 2009

Bird sans-leg.

There once was a black birdie who loved to fly and tweet.
One day while tweeting away a merry little tune, a little worm he spied crawling across the sidewalk. He thought, "Oh delicious, that'll be a nutritious breakfast. Worm meat is high in Omega-3's--all the other birds eat crappy human bread slices, but today, I'm eating a worm." This was a lot for the bird to think about while flying at the same time to consider how he would attack his prey of a critter. He swooped, he failed. The worm saw him and decided that he would trap that bird. So the little worm inched towards a glass door and SLAM goes the bird into the door and a human opened the door and then little black birdie got stuck by the leg cause he was just lying there and humans don't care. The worm said "That's what you get for trying to eat me. I know I'm nutritious, but damn man--I was just tryin' to get some exercise. Now you're foot's stuck in the door. Haha!" And so that's how he got his much hated name PegLeg The Stupid Blackbird that wanted Omega-3's.

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