23 July 2009

Jr. Creative Advice: Don't Limit Yourself

KB and I graduated graduate school in May of '08 (Hook 'Em) and I moved to L.A. and did some freelance while KB did a couple internships in NYC and Dallas. Fast forward to December '08, still no agency prospects on the horizons, the economy is slow and I am still trying to get KB to move to L.A., and it's not really working.

Fast forward to January '08, I drove back to L.A. from PHX and got home at about 2 am. I was exhausted from driving but I decided to check craigslist for jobs before I went to bed. I found a posting saying an agency in S.F. was holding an open house in hopes of hiring a team. I got on the phone, facebook, myspace, twitter . . . and any other social network I could think of at 3 am and left KB a message telling her she needed to meet me in S.F. in 24 hours (she was in TX).

The next morning KB calls me and is like there is no way I can get on a plane and get there in time, so we start to think about her just sending her book and I could put her picture in a frame and set it on the desk during the interview. Anyway, we get off the phone and about an hour later she calls me back, she found a round trip ticket for $250 and would meet me there. SWEET!

KB packed and drove to Austin that night and flew out at 5 am the next morning (shoutout to MJ for taking my CW to the airport!)

We were nervous, excited and didn't really know what to expect. The postings went up 24 hours before the review and Agency Spy even said how bad the PR was for the review. So anyway, we get there and the place is PACKED as you can see from the video. There were over 300 people there and there was this short little asian lady shouting instructions on how to line up and other details.

KB and I got to interview as a team, and met with the ECD for a good 10 minutes which was way longer than a lot of other people were meeting with the CDs for. After our interview we felt good, they liked our work and we liked them.

After the shindig with the review KB decided to move to L.A. and even if we didn't get the job, we could search for jobs in L.A. as a team. Two weeks to the day, we got a call from the short little asian lady and she wanted us to come back up for another interview. Of course we would go.

I went downstairs to the gym and KB was riding the bike. I said, "So guess what we are doing Friday?!" She didn't know . . . and before I could finish saying going to S.F., she had jumped off the bike and was hugging me and jumping up and down with her schweaty self.

We went back up to S.F. interviewed again and we knew this was a place we wanted to be. We figured that we would have to sweat it out and we might get a call the next week, but we ended up getting a call within 30 minutes of interviewing with an offer for the job.

We accepted Friday and started Tuesday. It took me a month of weekends to get all my stuff from L.A. to S.F. It was a crazy experience and S.F. wasn't a place either of us had planned on moving to, but we have been here now for about six months.

Soo . . . the moral of the story is don't limit yourself. Be open to anything, it not only raises your possibilities of finding a job, it makes life more exciting.

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