26 November 2013

Rip It Apart and Hope You Can Put It Back Together . . . Yea That's Sounds Right . . .

When I was seven my VHS player quit spitting the tape back out. I promptly grabbed one of my dad's screwdrivers out of the garage. It was the wrong size so I ended up trying a couple of them. Finally, once I found one that worked, I ripped off the cover of that VHS player and I proceeded to shock myself. Going 0-2 I learned a few things. Know the difference in screwdriver sizes and unplug electronics before sticking metal pieces into them.

The moral of the story is I'm a fixer. A lot of times, most of the time, I have no idea what I am doing and just hope that when I put things back together I don't have any left over pieces.

This week, my pocket book started busting at the seams from all the receipts I shoved in the pockets. Without thinking about it, I started ripping all the fabric off the thing hoping I could figure out how to wrap it all around and shove it under the metal clasps.

I did it. If this ever happens to you, it's a super easy fix with some super glue.

1. Pull out all the piping and the fabric.

2. Clean out all the old glue that obviously didn't do it's job. 

3. Line the interior pieces of the metal with super glue. It dries super fast and has a super strong grip. 

4. Wrap the fabric over the metal piece then insert the piping over the fabric. This ensures a snug fit.

5. Finished.

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