24 January 2011

Was that it? The weekend is over?

Sunset in Venice, CA overlooking Lincoln Blvd. just north of Washington.
There is no way that the weekend is long enough. Especially when you have to work over the weekend. I feel like I accomplished a lot, though with that comes with a complete lack of sleep.

I ate at Jerry's Deli . . . my best friend keeps taking me to these places that are not good. First it was Jollibee where I seriously thought I was going to vom. Then she takes me to Jerry's Deli for a $16.00 California Club sandwich which was really good, but then spoiled by horrific apple pie . . . wah wahh.

I am also trying to grow a garden. My last name means "Farmer" after all . . . so I should be really good at growing things. Apparently you can't just plant seeds and have a plant in two days. So, Instead of a garden allowing me to have vegetables to make home made salsa . . . it is teaching me patience. Most of you that know me . . . it's going as well as you might imagine.

I want to go back the the San Diego zoo. Hands down one of the coolest places to go. I think one needs friends to go to the zoo so I have to wait until things in the agency calm down so my friends will not be so mad at me for working so much. Not really sure when that is going to happen. :/

Ohh speaking of working so much, I found out that two of my friends are moving to LA from ATX! Congrats Kelly for getting a position with Chiat! It will be great. I'm excited to have more friends here, even though you will probably not see me for weeks at a time because we will be working so much :)

Anyway . . . as you can see I lead an incredibly exciting life on the weekends . . .

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