19 May 2011

POKE: America wins again!

So POKE is a digital agency in London and apparently their copywriter was stolen by Obama. When will the silly English learn that America wins, that's what we do. Charlie Sheen knows it . . .

Anyway, they are putting out a challenge for copywriters and I think it's badass.

Check out: obamastoleourwriter.com

If I were a writer (but I'm not) these would be my answers:

Challenge 1:
Dear Poke - I killed Osama and stole your copywriter I'm the king of the world bitch. No hard feelings though. Next time can you please plan a wardrobe malfunction or something interesting into Harry's wedding.
Challenge 2: 
Kicking Ass and Taking Names: How to Steal Copywriters and Feel Good About It
Challenge 3: 
Flying High Airlines
Roundtrip  |  One Way
Depart From  |  Arrive In
Thank you for trying to schedule a trip to London, though all flights have been cancelled. Grow some cajones and be proud that you stole their copywriter.
Can we help you plan a trip to Hawaii to pick up your birth certificate?
Challenge 4: 
Challenge 5:
I like my copywriters funny. A mixture of slapstick dry humor and a touch of inappropriate remarks. They flatter me by writing just enough copy to fit my layouts and always stand by my side in the fight to make the logo smaller!  
Good luck POKE. Hope you find an excellent writer! 

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