31 May 2012

A Little Motivation from Eleanor

I get a lot of inspiration and motivation from the words of Eleanor Roosevelt. She is a woman way beyond her time. Incredibly intelligent and well spoken. Three of her quotes are ones I look to often when I need a little push.
  • The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
  • You must do the things you think you can not do. 
  • Well behaved women rarely make history. 
The first is because I have a dream I have been working on since I was in sixth grade. It's slowly growing, though it would be great if I could do more advertising. 

The second goes with the first, only because starting a company when you are in sixth grade comes with a lot of "aww that's cute" or "haha you are so lame" or "ha. good luck". It definitely forces you to believe in yourself and motivate yourself if you want it to happen. 

Finally, the third. This is my motto. It's the quote that allows me to respond, "so" or "well I am" when someone tells me that no one else has done it or can do it. 

Right now my company, Bruonis, is up for a grant. You fill out an application and some judges pick the companies they think are most deserving. The other part to this is that you have to get 250 votes to become eligible for the grant. This is a remarkably humbling experience. I am so grateful for the people who have voted already. 

As of right now, we have 102 votes. Which means! 148 votes to go. 

You go through a period of hitting up your friends and fans. Hitting them up again. And . . . hitting them up again. I am to the point where I know I have to dive deep into my creative advertising brain and start to think of how I can start to reach people outside of my personal and business circles. It's a very humbling experience but I am down for the challenge. I believe in this an have known this is something worth doing since I was 12.

If you are interested in supporting Bruonis please visit missionsmallbusiness.com. It's a pretty easy 30 second process. You will log-in (it's FB connect), search for Bruonis and then hit Vote. 

Super easy. Super fast. 

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