29 May 2013

Facebook & Verified Accounts

Today Facebook rolled out verified accounts. The addition of Facebook Pages in November 2007 you would think they would follow in Twitter's footsteps offering verification soon after they did in June 2008 . . . nope. 

Welcome to the party Facebook, only five years later (that's a lifetime on the internet).

Even though Facebook is late to the party, it is a much needed feature. Besides the recent and abundant hacks in the last few months, there are too many impostors on the internet. Some of the impostors are funny and help your brand, though a lot of them pull down the strength of your brand voice/reputation.

It's amazing the power this little blue/white check mark has. It tells customers they are in the right place. It helps them feel at ease and opens their hearts and hopefully their wallets.

Currently Facebook is only verifying big brands. Oreo and Target are a couple of the first brands to receive a verified mark. Twitter is still extremely strict about its verification process. Will Facebook pass them by and allow small businesses and entrepreneurs verify their companies first?

Story via AdWeek

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