03 October 2010

Meet Leroy.

So ever since I finished grad school I have wanted a dog. That was in 2008. So finally, now, in 2010 I found the perfect puppy. Enter Leroy. Leroy is a boxer pup and he is incredibly puppy like. It's been a week and we are slowly getting into a routine.

Leroy found his shadow this week. He tries to attack it, and it's REALLY funny. He also has learned to go up and down the stairs and get up and down off the bed. He's doing decently well with potty training, since we are in an apartment complex he isn't allowed to go outside until after his 16th week final shot we have the potty patch. It's basically a patch of astroturf with a huge ass diaper underneath.

I can not wait to be able to take him outside and start playing and running and anything else to get all that puppy energy out.

As he gets older I will post more pics and videos. He's a wild man and fits his name.

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