21 October 2010

Friday's A Comin'

Ahh the weeks here go soo incredibly fast! I can't believe tomorrow is Friday already. I am excited though, my best friend is coming up from Irvine, we've been friends since elementary school and it's really nice to hang out with someone who knows everything you have been through.

Leroy is doing better, after his leg pains, I kept him in his crate for a week. Ugh that was interesting. This morning he ate my bracelet from Fiji . . . didn't really make my day. Though by the time we got home from work he pooped them all out. Ziploc should make dog poop bags, I like that they are a little thicker than the regular poop bags. It's amazing how much poop you deal with when you have a puppy.

Update in the HWH realm. I sold my first campaign at the new job. It took me a month. It feels really good.  We have a great team and everyone sticks together, it's almost like a dream, kind of afraid I am going to wake up . . .

Yea I know this post kind of sucks . . . buuut next week will be better.

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