08 November 2010

I fell in the skimmer basket hole.

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So this weekend I went back to Arizona to get Leroy's last booster shots! Yay, he's legal now and can socialize with the other puppies around.

He loves my parents back yard and we were running around the pool and I wasn't paying attention and stepped on the skimmer basket cover (aka the access hatch) on the pool deck . . . my foot went right through it and my right leg went in the hole all the way up to my knee. If you don't know what a skimmer basket is . . . please refer to the drawing above.

As stupid as I felt about it, I realize how incredibly lucky I am to have not broken my ankle, knee or the entire leg. All that happened was that I cut my foot on the plastic and have some bruising around where my knee hit the pool deck.


Hopefully after that the week will be good to me and will fly by. I am soo ready for the holidays, there's something about this time of year that makes spending time with your family so much more enjoyable and all of their faults so much easier to poke fun at with no one's feelings getting hurt easily. Yes in my family everyone makes fun of each other, and it's great.

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