11 February 2011

I can't keep up with my Google Reader.

Does anyone else have this problem? I look at my GR everyday and it's like 1000+ new items. This is incredibly intimidating. There is only so much information I can take in at one time. Plus I would actually like time to make things myself. So I have started putting a limit on my GR time. I have update it to things posted that day only and I get 45 minutes to look through things.

It is making me more productive in my browsing. I subscribe to over 100 blogs and they range from advertising to stupid funny stuff to weddings (i love themed weddings . . . it's kind of like branding a new company) so there is no way I would get anything done if i looked through thousands of things a day.

. . . though today . . . i accidentally hit the "mark all as read" button . . . sooo i guess we will try again tomorrow.

To see what I'm looking at check out MY GOOGLE READER

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