18 February 2011

Last Day at HWH

So today is my last day at High Wide & Handsome. It's been an interesting run, though I have been offered a new adventure that I couldn't turn down. There are some great people here who I hope to work with again sometime in the future.

Sheena - The only other person in the office who has not worked at Ignited, she quickly became a close friend. I also love it when her Brooklyn accent slips out, sometimes it even surprises her.

Farls - Don't let the quiet exterior fool you, he's a baller on a wacom and incredibly sarcastic. He's taught me a lot and I am grateful.

Matt - I have worked with him the most, partnering with him on Arbor Mist and some other projects. It got to a point that sometimes we could finish each others sentences . . . that was weird. Matt is a die-hard USC fan . . . all I have to say is 2005 National Champions. :D

Mags - Hands down, amazing boss. He is the right amount of goofy. I once asked him if he weren't in advertising what he would do . . . without hesitation . . . pirate. I think it's because he has a boat.

Thank you for the good times and the awkward times (you know what I am referring to).

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