01 March 2011

Arizona and a Haircut

I have finished moving back to my home state of Arizona. It is an amazing place and I am happy to be home. I have recently started a new job as the Senior Art Director with Moses Anshell. Even though I've only been here two days,  I feel like I've been here forever. Everyone here is amazing, so nice and helpful. It is also a young agency, meaning the employees are in their early 20s to early 30s. It is refreshing and inspiring.

I got here yesterday and I had a bunch of goodies on my desk which included food, gum, koozies, and other assorted items. Also, they gave me a duck toy and water bowl for Leroy. It was great. I also didn't sit around on my first day here. I was thrown in and picked up the pace, I'm amazed at the difference that makes and how exciting it is.

Today hasn't slowed down a bit either. There's too many things that I've been impressed with in my two days here to name. But just know it's good.


On to the haircut. I desperately needed a trim so I went to the Great Clips I used to go to in high school when I was too poor to get a proper trim (kind of like now). The lady that was cutting my hair didn't speak very good english so I had to resort to ease dropping on the lady next to me.

So apparently she isn't to tech saavy and doesn't like facebook or even computers in general. Apparently they are too public, and she's worried about pedophiles "coming to her house to steal her children." I seriously had to contain myself from laughing out loud and messing up my hair cut. Though the hairdresser agreed with her stating that she didn't even own a cell phone. . . she did kind of look like a cave woman so I let that one slide.

It amazes me how incredibly different the two generations are and I am somewhat spoiled because I am in advertising so the older crowd gets and uses facebook and other social media platforms. Though there are so many people over 30 that are scared of technology and won't venture beyond Microsoft Word. The internet sends chills down the spine and they think they are going to get sucked into a black hole.

While our generation is great when it comes to sharing socially online, we royally suck at face to face communication. It has come down to asking someone out over a text. 52% of youth in Japan think that is the socially acceptable way to go about it too!

I wonder if we will ever see a revolt against technology and cubes. In someways we are already, the laptop and skype allows us to work where ever we want while still being able to conference with co-workers. Do you think that offices will ever be out of date?

I know an entire thought process of how generations interact with technology just from going to get a haircut. It happens.

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