13 March 2011

SXSW 2011

Thank you Austin, I. had. a. blast.

It was amazing to go and meet so many great people. 4chan speaker was probably my favorite from the entire conference probably because it related to me the most.

Fruitfly Life was the most interesting, she is trying to reposition a derogatory word in society and turn it into something positive and celebrated. It brought me back to my deviance class in graduate school and as you all know I love people trying to change the world and create positive chaos.

I saw the film "A Matter of Taste" a friend produced at the festival, one word, AMAZING. It was really well put together.

Did you go? What were your favorite talks?

Below are some shots from my camera.

The line to get a free Adobe tote bag. . . 
Best grilled cheese EVER.
Tables full of Legos.
Squirrel fight.
Lauren, a fantastic lady I used to work with at HWH!
Sheena, my HWH bud! 
This reminded me of my friend Jana.
Torchie's Tacos, a must have!

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