03 June 2011

The M|A Bullpen

L to R: Madison, Marisa, Christine

I've talked about it before. I truly believe the way internships are run need to evolve with the changes in advertising. When I got to Moses Anshell, I put together a presentation with the things I would like to see happen through this evolution I saw in my head.

Louie went with it and supported the process the entire way. We put fliers up at multiple universities around the state and all over Facebook. We looked at a lot of videos and three ladies rose to the top.

The ladies started this past Wednesday and I could not be happier. As you will see throughout the summer I want to take their input and the experiences we have every week to make any tweaks necessary.

If you are interested in following them you can at:

The "bulls" have the opportunity to work with Local Motors, a new car company, based out of Phoenix, AZ. Along with that they are tasked with daily creative activities that you will see posted on the blog, weekly assignments and monthly assignments.

There will also be field trips, the first one is to the Phoenix Zoo. More information about this later.

As the first week draws to a close. I know we couldn't have picked a better group of people for the first year of the Bullpen. They have the tenacity to do great things and I can't wait to share more of their journey this summer.

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