18 November 2011

Sometimes You Gotta Dance

Wow. Things have been really hectic. In a previous post you see just one of the many campaigns we are working on right now. Sometimes, I can't believe how much Betsy and I do around the office. Not just campaign wise but how well we work together for time management, triage and client services.

This week the load lightened up a little to allow for a little fun. Fun to us means finding people to make fun of, and bagging on each other. If you are friends with us on Facebook, I'm sure you've seen some our antics. Below are some of the things we got to do this week.

We got our PHX10K images back. This is by far our favorite. Betsy always finishes the race and then comes back to cheer me on. The photographers caught some really fun shots of us together.

Betsy changed her twitter from Chilizabeth to RunADC, made her a badge and we re-did her twitter background.

Here is our facebook battle:

A past colleague decided he wanted in on the Facebook tomfoolery. I have to admit, it was spot on and hilarious, but you can't come at my copywriter without some type of retaliation. Here is that story . . .

This is our rebuttal.

Finally, we found this video that made us laugh.

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