18 January 2012

Internet Blackout

They are calling it Hollywood vs. Silicon Valley. SOPA is causing some interesting havoc around the internet today. Many companies are blacking out their sites, some completely unusable letting people and congress know that we should stop piracy but not censor the internet.

And honestly, I don't think I should have to pay to watch an episode of Parenthood that aired two years ago. You people are already rich, let us poor people enjoy some freaking Nick at Nite style TV.   

Out of all of this, not just SOPA but occupy wall street/the world, it has turned people back to shopping local and supporting the little guy. I can't express the excitement of the shop indie movement this past holiday season. Let's keep that trend going. Shop local and indie year round, get people back on their feet and people back to work. It's what this country was built on . . . we did it once, we can do it again.

I have decided to black out Bruonis' Facebook page in support of not supporting SOPA or PIPA.

Here are some of the sites that have either partially or fully blacked out.

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