23 January 2012

The power of the pencil

Skull by Alan Robinson

In a world of computers, a simple pencil sketch won out. The reason? The idea was bad ass. That and with a pencil you strip away all the fluff, all the bullshit and there lying on a piece of paper is an idea as naked as you on the day you were born.

It's something all the pros did before us, haven't you ever seen Bewitched? Darren always had tear sheets and the client never expected something to be perfectly vectorized during the conceptualization stage. That is how it should be today. The computer is a tool you use to produce things. If you aren't in the production stage, TURN IT OFF.

What you say? You need to use it to do research? Why can't research be doing things? exploring? traveling? reading a real book? I believe spending time on the Internet to do research is spending time looking at things that other people have already done. Go do something yourself. In fact why are you even reading this?

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