14 June 2013

Creative Brief Please: Arizona Firearms

As my co-workers and I were going to lunch the other day we found this ad in the New Times. The first thing you see is not the gun tan line. You're looking for it now aren't you? 

While it's not a very successful ad there are a couple of things I took away from this ad and reasons I would really like to see a creative brief for this assignment.
  1. We all know sex sells and boys probably like looking at an image of a half nude woman BUT the woman is the one with the tan line. Does this mean they are trying to sell more guns to women? Or are they just looking for men who like women who put stickers on their bodies in the tanning booth?
  2. The ad is simple, yet there is a lot going on woman, tan line, summer, lake, guns, specials, promo codes. All of this makes it hard for the viewer to quickly get the message. 
  3. The ad is disconnected. Everyone who has seen this ad says all they see is the ass. Again this is great is your trying to give men a bit of soft core in your ad but when it comes to the point of no one paying attention to your message and business name underneath. We have a problem. 
Instead of saying this ad sucks and move on, let's back into a strategy based on the current creative to create better creative or at least what I think would be better creative. More to come on this soon.

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