10 February 2014

Imma Grow Me Some Food

It's about that time! Spring is coming and that means it's time to get my seedlings started. My last name is George which means Farmer, I feel this innate need to grow things from the Earth. I think it's just in my blood.

One thing my family does is make our own salsa. It's so much better than anything you buy in the supermarket. This year I want to expand beyond tomatoes and peppers to include lettuce, corn (my Iowan roots) and watermelon.

To start my seedlings I always let them germinate in a ziploc bag. If I don't do that, I always loose them in the soil and it's an epic fail. It takes me back to elementary school when you put the lima beans in the bag and let them sprout.

Once these sprout I will transfer them to smaller pots until they are healthy enough to be transplanted into the garden.

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