03 February 2014

Super Bowl Review

First of all, thank you Seattle for making my prop bets legit.

Now, let's get to the commercials. There are always the best and the worst of the Super Bowl but since I almost crashed my blog last year by uploading all the commercials I decided to make up my own categories of winners.

BEST COMMERCIAL - #bestbuds by Budweiser and Anomaly
I'm a dog lover, but this commercial makes me a sappy dog lover EVERY TIME. Fucking amazing job guys this is amazing.

WORST COMMERCIAL - Hum by Heinz & Cramer-Krasselt
Why would you ever promote the most annoying thing about your product?! WHY?!

WEIRDEST COMMERCIAL - Doberhuahua by Audi & Venables
This is definitely the weirdest commercial, but not in a bad way! I remember playing softball against Venables and they were always a little off (in the best way).

FEEL GOOD COMMERCIAL - Deaf Player by Duracell & Saatchi NY
This commercial just makes you want to go out and conquer the world.

MOST CONTROVERSIAL - America the Beautiful by Coke & W+K
I'm amazed at how many people think because America the Beautiful is not sung completely in English that it is bad. Yes, you are correct. Our official language is English . . . that doesn't mean people can't speak other languages! Wow. Ridiculous. Good job Coke, the ad is beautifully done.

SEX SELLS COMMERCIAL - Big Game Tease by Oikos & Y&R NY
Wow. John Stamos you still have it. That is all.

BEST DORITO COMMERCIAL - Time Machine by Raj Suri
This spot deserves to win. It's cute, funny and doesn't include raunch. Give 'Em the $1M!

FUCKING AWESOME COMMERCIAL - Come On Bring On the Toys by GoldieBlox & RPA
I love GoldieBlox. They are doing something that is awesome. They are providing toys to girls that start to get them to think cognitively. LOVE IT. #FuckYouBeastieBoys

BEST SUCK IT BITCHES COMMERCIAL - Just Checking by Cheerios & Saatchi NY
Thank you Cheerios for having the balls to run this commercial again. Love this family.

NON SUPER BOWL SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL - If We Made It by Newcastle & Droga5
This is probably the best way to not spend millions of dollars in media and still reap the benefits. I'm in Newcastle.

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