29 January 2014

Staying Healthy After January

My grandmother still gets the physical newspaper. While some might say you can get the paper online, there is no need for the physical printed piece, I disagree to some extent. Yes, it probably could be printed with more eco friendly paper or inks.

I sit behind a monitor all day and am flooded with articles left and right from Facebook, Twitter and yes, gasp, Google+. I miss so much because one simply can not digest that much information.

The articles I see, read and focus on are the stories my grandmother shares with me from the newspaper. This is because the printed newspaper is on my terms and fits the way I live my life when I'm not at work. It's portable, doesn't strain my eyes after 12 hours of screen time and doesn't require a wifi connection. This makes it ideal to throw in my bag to read in airports that make you pay for internet (which should be illegal) and doesn't add to your cancer risk.

This morning as I was eating my Shredded Mini Wheats (they taste so good), I saw that my grandfather had left me a new article (that's old school sharing, before the internet). The article is about how everyone has the best of intentions of staying/getting healthy in the new year, though right about this time, everyone starts to slip back into old habits.

What I absolutely love about this article is that it isn't about doing a juice cleanse or eating only cabbage for the rest of your life. It reminds you to focus on why you are eating, when and how much you are moving and how it will help you professionally.

If you have five minutes take them and glance over the article quickly. It might just push you to keep going on those new year resolutions. Click here to read the article.

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