08 January 2014

2014 Motivation

The agency's managing director reads Linkedin articles as much as I do. He recently came across one that had some really fun and motivational quotes. Naturally he wanted to share them with the office by having them printed large and hung. The only problem with that is the images were 72dpi at 8 in². 

Being the wonderful creatives we are, we recreated them with our own layouts and made them our own. I thought this was such a great opportunity to do some hand lettering. We don't get to do it a lot for our clients, it wouldn't fit their brand the way that it should to be successful. 

I started with a brand new beautiful PrismaColor Turquoise 2B pencil and busted out the sharpener, which I then proceeded to drop on the floor and spread pencil shavings every where. Womp. Womp. Once that was picked up to the best of my ability, I dove in. 

There's nothing better than a little graphite, white rubber eraser, light box and ruler. So many beautiful letters come from such simplicity. 

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