27 April 2011

Arizona Office of Tourism Unity Dinner

Last night I had the privilege to join a group of people that devote their lives to the betterment of this state. I also got to eat really expensive food with sauce in artistic designs on the plate.

It's amazing to see how much people love this state as much as I do. We live in a place that is sunny 363 days out of the year. There are amazing lightning shows during the last parts of summer. Hiking, boating, paddle boarding, camping, snowboarding and just about anything else you can think to do outside, you can do in Arizona year round.

Driving into the office everyday, I go down the 51 and drive through the mountains. It's probably one of my favorite times of the day. Maybe because I'm an art director, but I have to give it to Mother Earth, she knows how to match colors perfectly.

So I don't have any images of the Unity Dinner but I will share a video of this woman from Wisconsin that judged Arizona when she didn't even know where it was located . . . it makes me laugh every time. Also, our senator sent this woman a letter with an enclosed map. Arizona was highlighted with an arrow, again, pointing out Arizona and where the bottom of the state borders Mexico. Sarcasm at it's finest.

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