10 April 2011

A long time in the making.

I have wanted to put on an internship program for a very, very long time. I just presented a proposal and got the green light. Everyone in the agency has pitched in and we have been working so hard on it, I can't wait to work with 6 creative thinkers this summer.

I want the internship to be like no other. I'm sure in some ways it might be like others, but as a whole, I want to rock out and create something bigger than me and bigger than Arizona.

The program is 20 hours a week M-F and the 'terns work on real life projects along with a lot of creative exploration projects to get them thinking about the idea first. The internship starts June 1 and you can follow them on twitter, facebook and their blog.

Below are some of the shots from our recruiting efforts:

Underpass at UofA
Scanning the QR Code
Orange Groves
On the way up to NAU
UofA kids have class on Saturday, WTF?!
NAU Union, where we got run off by the Union Nazi and his psycho GF

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