02 April 2011

Holy Fuck.

I don't believe that "hit the ground running" would accurately describe my first month at Moses Anshell. It's been incredibly busy but the best thing about it, is that the crew there is amazing. I feel like I've been friends with these people for years. It makes for a great working environment.

In the last month we have pitched 2 clients, completed multiple assignments for existing clients and won some awards. Not too bad in 4 weeks.

Here's some work we did for RSC Equipment Rental. They hold these seminars for VPs and other managers in their clientele companies. The purpose of the event is to get these guys to come and try the equipment and see what the company has to offer. Well, no one REALLY wants to go to these events except for the free food. We decided to use this as our main facet and named the event Power Lunch.

Everything about this event started to focus around the food and then, oh yea, there is also this equipment you can demo and meet the guys at your local shop. Blair Bunting, a family friend and professional photographer, did the photography and it's beautiful.

Poster Front
Poster Back

RSVP Microsite

Email Blast

Hard Hat Stickers

Variations of the Hard Hat Stickers

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