22 July 2013

Leroy's 3rd Birthday!

Planning Leroy's parties are never easy. With as much as we work it's difficult to get everything accomplished. Thus why I started planning in December. This past year has been filled with curiosity. Leroy gets into everything and isn't scared of a lot anymore. This made it really obvious that his theme should be Curious George.

I started with a couple plush Curious George toys and then got some vintage lunch pails etc. Then I started scouring Pinterest to see if I could find some good things to add. I ended up finding a number wrapped in yarn (which is a lot more time consuming than it looks), some banana split bites, mini pom poms made on a fork and a fancy way to fold a napkin. A few of these will be featured in She Crafts on Tuesday.

Below are some photos of the party! Hope you enjoy!

Next are some tight details of the presentation table: 

There were goodie bags too! 


Some of the guests:

And . . . he's out!

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