16 July 2013

She's Crafty: Cork-board Jewelry Display

I am a jeans and tee type of girl through and through. So, naturally, I hate dressing up. One of the parts of dressing up that drives me nuts is untangling necklaces that have been sitting in my dressing table waiting for client meetings.

To solve that problem I started using an old cork board to hang necklaces on. Though a cork board always looks a little strange in the bedroom. Nothing a little paint can't fix. Check out the project below. 

1. Use a triangle to mark off the perfect size zig zags.

2. Tape off the lines to every other zig zag.

3. Paint over the zig zags. This may take a couple coats of paint. 

4. Let dry and then remove the tape. 

5. Tape over the painted zig zags, and repeat step two. 

6. Let dry and then remove the tape.

7. Tape around the base of the frame and paint the frame. Allow to dry and then remove the tape. 

8. Position hangers and us screws to secure to the back of the frame. 

9. Measure wall and hang. Use clear wall tacks in the cork and hang necklaces and bracelets where you would like. 

Voila! An appealing and convenient way to access your jewelry. 

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