30 July 2013

Weekend Round-Up: Lanny and Justin's Wedding

I was privileged to be a part of one of my closest friend's sister's wedding this past weekend. Her family has become my second family over the last eleven years. It's amazing how a friendship could last that long after only being in the same state for one year.

Anyway, I flew into San Jose for a long weekend in Santa Cruz and Big Sur. Coming from Arizona the 60 degree weather felt like heaven. There was no sitting around though. There was a lot left to accomplish before we headed down to Big Sur for the ceremony. We spent Saturday running errands and shopping (a lot of shopping). I might have broken a vase as well. Wasn't my finest moment.

On Sunday we had breakfast at an amazing spot in Santa Cruz and then packed up the cars and headed down to Big Sur for the rehearsal and a solid girls night.

Monday morning was filled with running around, making sure the groom didn't see the bride, food, setting up chairs, hair dos, flowers, photos and much much more. It was crazy but it was also amazing.

One of my favorite tasks over the weekend was to write a message in chalk from Lanny to Justin for him to see following the ceremony once they were walking back up to the house. Following the ceremony, Justin told Lanny that was his favorite part. I was really honored to help make their day that much more special.

Congrats you two! I wish you many years filled with happiness and laughter.

Below are some of the photos from this amazing weekend!

Click to enlarge.

----- SANTA CRUZ -----


----- WEDDING DAY -----

----- CEREMONY -----


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