09 December 2013

Holiday Season in Ad Agencies as Told By "ELF"

I saw a link on BuzzFeed, it's supposed to be about college finals. It made me realize how much my life has not changed since college. So I had to make an agency version of this.

To see the college version, by Lucy Hebb, GO HERE.

1. Trying to get your breathe back when you see your name on every project in the traffic report. 

New Line Cinema / Via reactiongifs.com / BuzzFeed.com
2. Organization is the key to getting all your work finished since all the deadlines are on the same day at the same time. 

New Line Cinema / Via hooahandhiccups.com / BuzzFeed.com
3. You pull consistent all nighters that you stop showering and opt for dry shampoo.

New Line Cinema / Via pandawhale.com / BuzzFeed.com
4. Any type of nap feels like a long luxurious slumber. 

New Line Cinema / Via pinterest.com / BuzzFeed.com
5. You raid the supply closet because you know where they hide the extra caffeine. 

New Line Cinema / Via fhntoday.com / BuzzFeed.com
6. Then your computer crashes as you're trying to save your work. 

New Line Cinema / Via castrogays.tumblr.com / BuzzFeed.com
7. You realize that you can't live on pop and the candy bowls around the office, so you eat. At your desk. Quickly.

New Line Cinema / Via giphy.com / BuzzFeed.com
8. Your AEs bring you another job jacket and tell you the job will be quick and easy. 

New Line Cinema / Via reactiongifs.us / BuzzFeed.com
9. They ask you if you have any more questions before they walk away. You just smile and nod. 

New Line Cinema / Via wifflegif.com / BuzzFeed.com
10. You get the project finished and mounted and you realize there is one tiny, but obvious mistake.

New Line Cinema / Via pandawhale.com
11. You go back to your computer to fix the mistake, reprint and remount. All while thinking how stupid of a mistake it was and wondering how you missed it. 

New Line Cinema / Via celebquote.com / BuzzFeed.com
12. You realize that there is no way you could possibly get this job done by the deadline, your AEs buy you an extra couple hours. 

New Line Cinema / Via glee.wikia.com / BuzzFeed.com
13. You go into the meeting with all the mandatories on the creative brief covered off, though the they hate it all, coming up with a new list of mandatories. 

New Line Cinema / Via gifsoup.com / BuzzFeed.com
14. Thoughts that run through your head. 

New Line Cinema / Via archive.foolz.us / BuzzFeed.com
15. Getting back to your desk and opening the email with revisions attached. 

New Line Cinema / Via pandawhale.com / BuzzFeed.com
16. Only to realize this is a pre-email, the email with the changes will be sent later today. It is now Friday, 3PM. 

New Line Cinema / Via breakfastatvictorias.wordpress.com / BuzzFeed.com
17. Finally, by some miracle, the project is finished and everyone loves it. You don't have to work Christmas Day. 

New Line Cinema / Via keltiecolleen.buzznet.com

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