28 July 2014

Reading Nook

Sometimes I need to rearrange things three or four times before it feels "right." Just like in design when I am trying to figure something out, it just helps to see it laid out in front of you.

For me that is happening in the master bedroom right now. Leroy doesn't sleep in the fancy memory foam bed I bought him . . . he sleeps in the bed I bought for myself. I don't mind though, it's like an extra furry pillow.

This got the gears in my head a spinning, if I move the chair from the living room to the bedroom, I could make a little nook. Thus, the reading nook was born. I have so many books I've gotten from traveling for The Tomboy Project and no where to read them.

Now that the chair is in place, there are a few other things that will be needed. The chair looks naked. We need a pillow and maybe a blanket for the winter . . .

Next week, I will show you how it's been spruced up. Until then, here are some images of inspiration.

1. VIA 2. VIA 3. VIA 4. VIA 5. VIA 6. VIA 7. VIA 8. VIA

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