14 July 2014

The Rooster's First Birthday!

I was able to break away from the ball and chain (work) this past weekend to head to Austin to visit my amazing friends and celebrate the newest addition to the family's very first birthday. I couldn't miss this.

The little Rooster only turns one once and as I watch my friends get married and build families, I am seeing how important life events are. I'm even seeing how important shutting work off every day to work on yourself.

Anyway, Talley and I helped Frank and Smitty set up the party. They had a delicious cake that I swear weighed 20 pounds and Talley and I almost ate because we thought we were waiting for Frank and Smitty to lead and realized they left us. We have to do some serious catching up. When in doubt eat the cake.

After the awesome party, we headed over to The Black Sheep to watch the World Cup finals. We all were pretty evenly split 50/50. The Black Sheep was packed, we had this corner area next to the video games. We slowly infiltrated a table full of hipster bearded men. They were drunk and let us sit down for the second half of the game.

Doug was the guy I sat next to. He was super weird but kind of awesome. He gave us his German flag so we could support our team in fashion.

So much fun with some great people. When you have friends that are so amazing they are more like family, you can't go wrong.

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